Trick To Hide Any Drive In Windows 7 Using Cmd

Hello guys, on our last PC Tips and Tricks, we learned how to encrypt our USB Pendrive on Windows 10. Now if you want a perfect solution for hiding this data in our computer and easily save your sensitive data or information from your friends or Family, this article will guide you through.
Hide Any Drive In Windows 7

This trick to Hide Drive In Windows 7,8,10, XP Using Cmd is very simple, this will prevent people from seeing your drives then simply they don’t see your information.

Below are the steps for hiding drives in a computer.

First Step 1:

Press “Windows + R” and type “cmd”, now type “DISKPART”. (This will open a new Dialog box with command prompt.)

Second Step:

Type “LIST VOLUME” in the command prompt box and hit enter. (All window drives or volumes can be seen with name or numbers.)

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Third Step:

Now is time to remember the volume number or letter you want to hide and type “SELECT VOLUME number or letter”.  For example, the below screen shut is Volume 1. Now select your volume.

Fourth Step: 

Next step is to type “REMOVE LETTER B” (Type the drive letter you want to hide, I used letter B.)

Next, is to go to MY Computer and check whether the drive is hidden. Ones it is, the drive will not be visible again. Please if you follow this tutorial carefully, it will be hidden, but if you are unsure of something, just comment.


If you don't want the drive to be hidden anymore, just type “ASSIGN LETTER letter of Drive” (i.e the letter you used in step 4 ).

Now you hidden drive will now be visible again, to hide it again to follow the steps again.

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With this trick, you can hide your computer drives, Un-hide the drive and also change the letter of any hard drives. If you really enjoyed this tutorial, kindly use some secs and share with your friends, comment below if you have questions.

See you on our next Pc tricks tutorial, bye for now!


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