How To Find Software Licence Key For Any Software

    We all know, that we can face this situation of finding product key of a pc software. Many have faced this. Some can download a Game of 16GB and above like PES and at the end, they discover that the software of game, can't be accessed without a license key. I'll teach you how to bypass this.
    Find Software Licence Key using Google

    This post will teach you a trick to bypass product key or license key for premium and free software. We will not download any software or app, or even use cmd. We will utilize Google official page i.e Google search to uncover the app key.

    Here is how to do that.

    1. Go to

    2. Type in  your Software Name and "94FBR" (For e.g. " Ninja Gaiden 94FBR")

    3.In Google search result you see your product license key name.

    Use any product key and enjoy fully licensed software for free. See! Very easy, and short. Enjoy!


    1. ademola paulDecember 27, 2017

      Thanks for the trick boss. your really ethical

    2. Keep it up bro. Nice