(NEW) Promo and Gifts From UcheTechs Blog Launched

Hello Guys, UcheTechs Blog has finally launched best commentators. This will enable users to get awards for their quality comments. I will like to thank you guys for always visiting and also my regular commentators - Chinenu Okwara and Bukechukwu.

UcheTechs Promo ( Free Airtime)

This new promo by UcheTechs will encourage you guys to share your opinions and idea via the comment box below this blog. I will be giving free AIRTIME to the regular commenter of this wonderful Tech Blog.

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What we need, to know you are qualified for the free Airtime to give away!

1. Quality comments

2. Respect

3. No rude behavior

4. No rotten speech

5. Top Commentator.

These are the requirements to win the best commentator on this Tech Blog.

Also, since other counties can't participate in free Airtime, I will also keep updating you guys with the latest Free browsing cheats ( For Ghanaians, Kenya and other countries). I will focus on cracking cheats and knowing your Free Basics. You can contact me for help.

USA, CANADA and Other Amerian countries, India, and Europian countries - I will try harder to bring you guys the best Android, Pc and IOS Tips and Tricks, and as well Games and Apps.

We all know from History, the majority of FBT leaks first on this blog and are cracked here. So we alert ISP of their leaks and also help you guys our regular blog visitors.

Our Android App: Download UcheTechs Android App From Google Play Store. This will help you know the recent blog post and also get FBT before they are copied by other blogs/Viral.

Now instead of just visiting, let us hear your voice and see your profile. We can discuss and share ideas below the comment box and you will get to know other regular blog visitors like yourself.

Comment is easy, you can use Google Profile to comment on this website. Using a Custom name or anonymous isn't recommended. I will advise you guys to use your Google account to comment, even dou it is incomplete.

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I know and have faith this will be successful! On our next blog post, will I see new comments?

Are you guys giving me this assurance


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    1. Hello TechzBot,

      I beleive in Jehovah God it will. ;)

      Thanks for your comment!

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  4. Nice gesture.. Its a good way of appreciating the members of this group. I hope it continues as long as possible!

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