How To Check Your Glo Phone Number in Nigeria

Did you buy a new Glo sim? Or is your Glo mobile number hard to remember?  Anyone being the case, I am sure you came here to learn how to ( check Your Glo Phone number). Here is how to do that.
Check Your Glo Phone Number in Nigeria

Other Networks have an easier way to check phone numbers, but as for Glo, you don't have an SMS or Code to send to prompt the Glo number. You will have to listen to your phone number by calling a specific number.


1. First get a pen with a paper

2. Now, go to your phone dial pad

3. Dial 1244 and hit the call button using your Glo line

4. Now listen to your own number carefully and write it down.

5. You can save your Glo number on your Glo sim card

Glo made it easy for users to see and remember their number. They tagged the number 1244 as own number.

Refer to the image above and see that I was able to find my Glo phone number easily. If you still find it difficult to check your number, kindly comment below for help. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Very nice bro. Thanks for the info

  2. Nice info... You can also use 777*#... Both methods works! '

  3. Nice info!! You can also use 777*#.. Both methods works!!

    1. Thanks for the information bro. I really appreaciate that

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