Google No Longer Supports Url Shortener

Google has made another big decision to shut down the most popular url Shortener in the internet starting on March 30 and only existing users will begin using it from April 13, 2018.


This is the message we got:
Starting March 30, 2018, we will be turning down support for URL shortener. From April 13, 2018 only existing users will be able to create short links on the console. You will be able to view your analytics data and download your short link information in csv format for up to one year, until March 30, 2019, when we will discontinue Previously created links will continue to redirect to their intended destination. Please see this blog post for more details.
Google states that there are other alternative Url shortener to use e.g  Firebase Dynamic Links, Bitly and

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Developers can continue to use the service if they have a shortened link. But for new developers, they will need to have patient will May 30 which they will have access to Google Url Shortener. But the final deadline is on March 30, 2019. Then the alernatives will be of use by then.



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