YouTube Channel Owners Can Now Make Money Without Adsense

    YouTube just released a new feature for channel owners to make money on their channels other than using Google Adsense. This is really a great news to all YouTube Channel owners, so if you haven't been approved by any other means to make money, this post has information on the new feature.
    YouTube Channel Membership

    The YouTube new feature is called "Channel Membership". What this does is that youtube admins can now make money by using this new monetization option by setting up a monthly recurring fee of $4.99 for viewers. This will give more features and access to admins, e.g new emoji, unique badges,  Community tab access, custom perks access, extra videos and much more.


    According to Youtube, to be eligible for youtube new channel Membership service which enables you to make more money on your channel, you should have over 100,000 subscribers on Youtube. This can be used together with Google Adsense.

    Also, you can design and sell merchandise since YouTube has partnered with teespring. 20 items will be available for customization and U.S.-based channels can benefit from this if they have more than 10,000 subscribers.

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    So, this is really a nice feature from Google and this has been implemented on YouTube Channels with the required amount of Subscribers. If you have any questions or anything to offer, kindly use the comment box below, and don't forget to subscribe to us via email as not to miss any important uodates.

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