Sky VPN Glo Free Browsing Works For Iphone & Android

This is the time for UcheTechs Blog to finally enjoy unlimited Free Browsing Cheat on their respective devices. This Glo Cheat works on Iphone and Android. No disconnection, No special settings required.
Glo Sky Vpn Cheat Android Iphone

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IPhone users haven't enjoyed Free Browsing on this website before and today we have broken the record and you can now enjoy this on your Apple device. We Android users have been enjoying Glo cheat which works only on 3G Sim, but this Iphone Cheat works on all sim, both 3G SIM or 4G SIM.

This VPN doesn't require any settings and this isn't as hard as you can think. We don't need VPNs which doesn't exist on Iphone like AnonyTun or Psiphon. No frequent disconnection as well. The reason behind this is that we aren't using Glo Ip which is (GLO IP), we will be utilizing an app which is available on the Apple Store!

The name of the VPN is SKY VPN, this Vpn gives you unlimited Free Browsing on Iphone and is very fast and stable. All you need is your Glo 3G or 4G Sim card. Believe me, this cheat will last more than any Free Browsing you can think of. The only way this can be stopped is if Glo contacts the owner of Sky Vpn.


SkyVPN is an unlimited free VPN proxy server that gives you access to unblock sites, bypass school WiFi restrictions, workplace firewall, WiFi hotspot secure and protects online browsing privacy with no traffic log commitment.

1. Bypass Any Block
Access to unblock sites, bypass all websites and apps blocked by firewalls. providing VPN private internet access for school WiFi, enjoy foreign TV, movies, live shows, and sports.

2. Private & Anonymous
SkyVPN even provides a WiFi hotspot shield, and it’s the super VPN lets you browse the internet privately & anonymously with a proxy server and keeps all your web surfing activities anonymous and private. SkyVPN breaks location restrictions and ensures users’ Wifi hotspot secured via IP shield.

3. No traffic log commitment
SkyVPN serves as anonymous VPN master to browse anonymously, we keep no traffic log commitment, because we believe you have every right to your privacy, and to any private internet access. SkyVPN protects data privacy, personal information security and internet security.

4. Unlimited Free premium VPN Service
With SkyVPN, you can enjoy unlimited free VPN proxy premium service

5. Fast Global VPN Server
SkyVPN selects the best location automatically and connects you to the nearest and fastest server. Then you can enjoy the most smooth connection, super highest VPN speed, and the most stable access to global servers than any other VPN proxy servers.


  • Very easy interface and you don't need any tutorial to know what to do
  • This is Free and it works on all Glo Sims, doesn't select sim
  • Doesn't disconnect at all, very stable
  • The Speed goes 2MB/S


  • Glo 3G or 4G sim without active data and airtime
  • Iphone Device
  • Strong Glo H+, 3G or 4G network
  • Default Glo APN settings
  • Sky VPN app - Download Here. (16M)

- This is Pretty easy, all you need to do is download Sky VPN for Iphone HERE and Open Sky Vpn

- To enjoy Glo Free Browsing Cheat on IPHONE, collect your Free MB from the App and click Connect. 


1. After you have downloaded the Sky Vpn App from the link above, open it.
Now, click on the 3 line at the Top Left corner.

2. Now click the First Option which is Premium Traffic > 500MB and Tap the Daily Check-in which has the details (+25-75 ) to get Free 75MB Data.

3. Now, Tap I'm Feeling Lucky to get another Free 25MB data which makes it 100MB in total.
There are other tasks like Watch Videos, complete offers and many more to get Free MB on your Device.

4. Now head back to the main page and tap on Premium button, now you will get a pop message asking you if you want to upgrade.

5. Click Upgrade and choose the United States as your region.

Now, Sky VPN Premium will be activated and you can get all premium services for Free along with unlimited Bandwidth, Time Use and dedicated Servers which won't limit your Free Browsing on Android and Iphone.

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Finally, Tap Connect which will connect after some seconds, now you can browse Unlimited on Iphone and Android suing SKY VPN.

You can also share your Link to get more Mb per referral. Remember to Register to get the share button working. If you enjoyed my post, please oh, don't forget to comment and share, biko. Lol, see you on our next post!


  1. Sounds nice.. Should give it a try!

  2. Nice one buddy, keep it up. Kudos

  3. SaahaabiiJuly 17, 2018

    Its working for others but my own never connect Even though the servers are updated.

    1. use GLOG as and thank me later if it works ;).

  4. let's give it a try

  5. bro thanks for the hard working .......

  6. My data does not even come up. No matter the apn. I just bought a 3g 080 sim and still experiencing the ssme issue. I inserted a 4g sim but the data comes on and off. Not stable at all

    1. Sorry for that bro.

      Try this:

      1. Buy a new Glo sim which starts from 080 ( the data will on and connect)

      2. Use this apn (GLOG)

      Hope it works for you!

      Thanks for commenting pal!

  7. KEep the good work up bro. Very helpful. Though mine is limited sha

    1. I am so happy it was helpful to you. To make the limitation reduce upgrad to premuim

  8. Does it works for Ghana

    1. You can try that on Glo Ghana Sim pal

  9. please any current browsing cheat for Ghana?

    1. Hi,

      There is a working Free browsing cheat for Ghana now for vodafone, Click HERE

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