Google is Collecting your Location Data, how to stop it

According to reports, just disabling Location access on your Android device isn't the only way to prevent your Phone location from being known by Google. So, follow this tutorial to stop your location from being known.

Google is Collecting your Location Data

There are other ways Google gets to know your location, for example, Google Maps. Google Maps uses location to know where you are and how to display your requested information.

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Also, Google collects your location data especially when you allow permission for a certain task to display your location. There isn't much reason to panic, you and I can stop it, and it is very easy.

How To Stop Google From Collecting Your Information

Even if your Location Access is turned off, it doesn't guarantee that you are fully unknown, this method will ensure your data are fully known to only you.

1. Turn off - collection of Info by logging in to your Google account

2. Navigate to “Web & App Activity” under Activity controls

3. Now, tap on the toggle to turn off data collection.

How Does Google Collect Information

According to Google, when Web & App Activity is turned on, a user activity and search are stored from other Google services to ensure you have a "better search results and suggestions."

Users can see and delete their searches and browsing activity by visiting “My Activity” while logged into their Google account.



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