Best and Top Comments Reward for August 2018

    Good morning guys, today I will be revealing the best and Top comments on UcheTechs Blog for August 2018. They will be rewarded with free Airtime as an appreciation for the time made to comment.

    Things haven't been so easy and managing this Blog is really a big task. But with your positive comments and being active here has really been encouraging to me. I brought the notice of rewarding top comments not as early as i wished but I wasn't too late.

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    Comments like; will not be counted and make sure while commenting you use Google account and not Anonymous or custom, i will deactivate that after this post.

    From Last Month, the Top Comments are

    Kindly drop your Network and Number below for your Free Airtime. Keep on commenting guys, we aren't sure if we will offer Top comments reward but if things are better, we will.


    1. Nice.. You'll grow in multiple folds!

    2. Mtn
      Thanks bro

      1. I'm still anticipating the airtime bro

      2. Done!

        Thank you for all your comments.

        Keep it up!

      3. Thanks bro. I received it.

    3. Replies
      1. You came here with a Fake account to steal someone's else's hard work.

        Lazy youth

    4. Replies
      1. So you calm down and create a fake account to steal someone's hard work.

        When you start commenting, you will earn your's but for now, you failed.