These Android Apps Have Malware and are Stealing your Bank Details, Uninstall now!

I still don't know how Malware apps bypass security checks and find their way to Stores like Apple Store and Google Play. Recently, there are a set of apps discovered with malware and also with an ability to collect sensitive information like your credit card details without your permission.

Android Apps with Malware
From the 29 Android apps infected with malware, most of them are clean master apps for Android which clean junks and boost your device. Such apps are of higher demands daily since most Android phones get slower over time. Since this is the case, such apps when downloaded, take advantage of the user and collect information or distributing malware to the device as backdoors.

According to We Live Security blog owned by ESET, these Battery saver apps and horoscope apps where found to be infected by Trojan malware that controls the app remotely after gaining access to the victim's phone. Although ESET notified Google about these dangerous apps and them where removed, they concluded that more than 30,00 users must have installed such application on their phone.

'Unlike the increasingly prevalent malicious apps relying purely on impersonating legitimate financial institutions and displaying bogus login screens, these apps belong to the category of sophisticated mobile banking malware with complex functionality and a heavy focus on stealth,' We Live Security wrote in a blog post.

Such apps can intercept your call logs, bypass two-factor authentication to redirect text messages, or even use your data to mine bitcoins on your device's background. How they where able t archive their aim; They insert fake phishing forms in your applications by obtaining HTML code of apps on your device and as a result, it gives 'the victim very little chance to notice something is fishing,' ESET explained.

There are also other ways these apps works, for example, when you download an application form Google play and you might get an error message that the application is incompatible with your device and has been removed. But in reality, it hasn't, these apps are still installed on your device and are hidden on your phone without you having a clue it's there. This is where the complaints of pop-up ads displaying on-screen start from. On UcheTechs Blog group, I get such complaints like, my phone just keeps showing ads, I can't use my phone when I activate my mobile data or, my phone freezes and then pops up ads.

All these are done to get sensitive information, steal your credit card info or make money through you without leaving a clue.

Don't be so frightened of this news, it happens but the good news here is that ESET didn't mention any cases where the malware had achieved this. I am sure you will like to see the list of these malware apps. Although they aren't in Google play, they can still be found of the search engine, so be sure to have a good antivirus app on your Android phone


Apps with Malware

ESET discovered that 29 apps were infected with malware, and this includes;

  1. Power Manager
  2. Astro Plus
  3. Master Cleaner - CPU Booster
  4. Master Clean - Power Booster
  5. Super Boost Cleaner
  6. Super Fast Cleaner
  7. Daily Horoscope For All Zodiac Signs
  8. Daily Horoscope Free - Horoscope Compatibility
  9. Phone Booster - Clean Master
  10. Speed Cleaner - CPU Cooler
  11. Ultra Phone Booster
  12. Free Daily Horoscope 2019
  13. Free Daily Horoscope Plus - Astrology Online
  14. Phone Power Booster
  15. Ultra Cleaner - Power Boost
  16. Master Cleaner - CPU Booster
  17. Daily Horoscope - Astrological Forecast
  18. Speed Cleaner – CPU Cooler
  19. Horoscope 2018
  20. Meu Horóscopo
  21. Master Clean - Power Booster
  22. Boost Your Phone
  23. Phone Cleaner - Booster, Optimizer
  24. Clean Master Pro Booster 2018
  25. Clean Master - Booster Pro
  26. BoostFX. Android cleaner
  27. Daily Horoscope
  28. Daily Horoscope
  29. Personal Horoscope

These apps can be easily removed since researches confirmed they use no advance tricks to gain access to your device.


  • Head to settings on your phone
  • Click on General Settings (Varies with each device)
  • Click on Application manager
  • Uninstall

'We also advise you to check your bank account for suspicious transactions and consider changing your internet banking password/PIN code,' the researchers said.

Also, make sure you read what permission an app wants you to grant before accepting. Be safe and secure your device.


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