AnonyTun VPN Settings For 9mobile Social Pak Browsing

Here is 9mobile Social Pak settings to power all apps with 9mobile social pak plans . With the help of annoytun, you can use the 9mobile social pak which is meant for only chatting to browse and download.
9mobile Social Pak Anonytun settings

The Social Pak is a data plan under Morecliq tariff plan is used to chat only on Whatsapp, Skype, BBM, WeChat, Twitter, Messenger, and Facebook. When using the data - 2GB for N500 or 2.5GB for N700, it works on these social media

This social plan is official from 9mobile and it's not a hidden plan, the only thing we are doing is using it to browse with anonytun VPN which is an Android app. With the correct setings, the VPN will connect and you can then use the VPN to power all your applications like youtube, browsers and even the normal apps the plan is  meant to power which are Whatsapp, Skype e.t.c
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There are two 9mobile social pak plans - 2GB for N500 and 2.5GB for N700 and they both valid for 7 days i.e 1 week. The plan validity might seam small, but it is preferable better than MTN mPulse plan. Also, the good part is that when you have exauted the plan, it has a little cap before it stops working.

To use this 9mobile social pak browsing with your android phone, there are some requirements needed. Not recommeded but miniumum requirements.

9mobile Social Pak Browsing Requirements

  • 9mobile SIM - 3G or 4G
  • Android device
  • Download AnonyTun VPN on Google play
  • 9mobile Social pak plan - Choose any; 

- 2GB for N500 – dial *200*3*3*3*1# (1.5GB which can be tunnelled with VPN) 500MB Cliq4DNite to be used at night from 12am-5am making it total of 2GB for N500.
2.5GB for N700 – dial *200*3*3*3*2# (2GB which can be tunnelled with VPN) 500MB Cliq4DNite to be used at night from 12am-5am}.

I believe by now you have downloaded Anonytun VPN app, below are the settings. If you donot follow this tutorial closely, the VPN will not connect.

AnonyTun Settings For 9mobile Social Pak

9mobile Social Pak Anonytun settings

  • Open the AnonyTun VPN app
  • Tap on Settings at the Top Right
  • Toggle ON Stealth Tunnel
  • Set Connection Protocol to HTTP and Port to 3128 or 8080
  • Tap Payload
  • Tap on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Header
  • Under URL/Host, input
  • Set Request Method to POST
  • In Extra Headers, tick Online Host, Forward Host and Keep-Alive
  • Then tap on Save.
  • Lastly, tap on Start and wait for it to connect.
  • When it has, you should see a key icon at the top of your screen.
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Important Info:

  1. All customers are eligible
  2. Dail *200*4*2*1# to migrate to 9Mobile MoreCliq
  3. Dial *228# to check your balance
  4. All 9mobile Social Pak plans are valid for 7 days


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