MTN Hammer VPN Cheat | Bypass Server Daily Limit Unlimited

Here's a way to bypass MTN Hammer VPN Daily Limit on any Free Server and get Unlimited Free Browsing on Android. This is not the same tutorial you saw online using Es File Explorer, this is a fast method and easy to execute. Without much ado, let's begin.

We can't deny the fact MTN Hammer VPN Cheat is the best, very fast and it's server daily limit is quite enough for many. This app works without many settings and supports all MTN Sim, powers all apps and social media.

This time, we are going to provide a tutorial on how to bypass MTN Hammer VPN Daily Limit of 300MB to more than 1GB or possibly unlimited - Credit to my beloved Telegram Member, @godisgr8t. Video Tutorial Coming on YouTube Channel, make sure you subscribe, you can also take a look at MTN Combo VPN Video Tutorial.

Now, the down part of this Daily Bypass Unlimited limit is that it's limited to only Android phones which is 2 slots enabled. If you don't have such Phones handy, you'll be limited to 300MB Daily or lower. Also, you can try clearing the app's data to restart the daily limit or use ID Changer Apps.
Note: There is no way to Use Premium Servers without purchasing from the Android App's website, don't follow fake tutorials online

How To Bypass Hammer VPN Daily Limit to Unlimited

We are going to stop Hammer VPN from reading the upload and download data on the App. When we do this, it will not bring it's session notifications but will just pause while you browse unlimited with the data, therefore, bypassing MTN Hammer VPN Daily limit.

  • Android Device
  • Hammer VPN App
  • MTN 0.00K SIM
  • Android Phone with 2 Sim Enabled
This method also requires an Android device with enough phone RAM, 1GB and up is better. Why? We are going to be doing some minimizing and we need the app to continue from lasts moment after it was closed. Only Android device with Good RAM does this well.

Now, we can see this method depends solely on the Android device and not SIM, make sure you have these requirements intact. Let's begin.

MTN Hammer VPN Unlimited Browsing Cheat


  1. Open Hammer VPN and Set it Up | Settings HERE
  2. Connect with your First SIM 1 (Any Network) - (Other Networks must have DATA), [MTN SIM Recommended]
  3. Ones connected, minimize the app and head to phone settings
  4. Change SIM to second MTN SIM 2 (Don't disconnect Hammer VPN).
  5. Now, Open Hammer VPN App which you minimized, you'll see it's not reading but connected.

From now, you'll be browsing unlimited via Hammer VPN App on MTN Nigeria without minding the Server Daily Limit.

Disclaimer: This is a unique method which you cannot see online, any lazy blogger that copies and it's similar to this post, should expect DMCA Takedown, rewrite the post if possible.

This method works on all Android device, unlimited free browsing, here we come, more updates coming. Make sure you subscribe on Youtube Channel for the Video Tutorial!. Join Our Telegram Group HERE. Have a lovely day.


  1. That other sim must be MTN sim also?

    1. I guess you mean the first sim. You need a SIM that has data (MTN Excluded) to connect before changing to MTN SIM 0.0k.

      So it's not a must, but using MTN makes it faster.

  2. When you say Change the sim to second sim,you meant change the cellular data to the second sim?

  3. Have anyone tried the above method

  4. Wonderful one by Uchetech. Please can one use the other cheats like Spark VPN, HTTP Injector or KPNRev to browse if you eventually reach the data limit for MTN Hammer VPN?

    1. Yes you can,

      Remember, the other VPNs via Host is 50MB Capped daily

  5. Guy, you are too much literally, like everything you drop is legit. It worked thanks🙌🙌🙌

  6. I have data in my glo but when i change the service to mtn it disconnected the vpn

    1. Hi achigbue,

      It's not meant to disconnect, the VPN will remain connected (although no traffic runs through it) until you change to MTN.

      I guess it disconnected because your phone Ram might not be enough to minimize the app and head to phone settings.

      Try clearing background apps running on your phone and try again.

  7. Bro greetings, please i followed the peocess above, but I'm still restricted to the 300 daily limit

    1. I am surprised, this worked for some.

      There only way out is to buy premium account from tunnelguru website (owner of Hammer VPN) which is unlimited with premium servers

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