Cheapest Data Plan (May) - Airtel, MTN, Glo, 9mobile in 2019

All Networks in Nigeria have cheap data plans which allow subscribers to get Data for a limited time. Right now, there is some newly included cheap data plan for Glo and Airtel, while 9mobile plan still remains the same, MTN is yet to introduce a reasonable cheap plan for its subscribers.
2019 Cheapest Data Plan

What cheap data plans am I talking about? For  Glo, their 1.2GB for N200 which lasts for 3 Days is trending and the cheapest data bundle on all Networks in Nigeria, Airtel also introduced a new Data plan which offers you 1GB for N350 and all users are eligible. This new competition among Internet service providers (ISP) is really interesting because we can be expecting more cheaper data plan very soon, nevertheless, we still wait for MTN Cheap data plan to unveil.

Cheapest Data Bundle Plan (May) For Airtel, MTN, Glo, and 9mobile

These Cheapest Data Plans Update has been reviewed by UT - UcheTechs and all information here was provided by us. They are the latest updates as of the time this post was written - 3/3/2019. Be sure to always come back for new updates here.


This is a new data plan from Airtel Network and it's still valid. Subscribers are entitled to 1GB for just N350 which is valid for 24hours, i.e 1 day. This might seem too harsh, a day for 1GB to be used, but this cheap plan can be used to download large files, movies, and games. I guess this will be enough and it's worth it for 24 hours.

If you are the type that doesn't use much MB on your Android/iPhone device or whatever device you are using, then try Airtel 2.2GB for N500 data plan that isn't so cheap, but lasts a week or more.

Cheapest Data Plan Airtel, aall networks

To Subscribe for Airtel N350 for 1GB, dial *141*354#, valid for 24 hours.

2. MTN 1GB FOR N200

This MTN Cheap Data Plan is 1GB for N200 and it works perfectly well, but it's limited to few MTN SIM, i.e Sim cards that haven't been used for more than a month. This is a Welcome back offer can be gotten by subscribers whose sim hasn't been active for 30 days period or more.

2019 Cheapest Data Plan (March) MTN

To subscribe, Dial *131*65#, valid for 7 days. (Only Sim unused for 30 Days-180 Days).

 3. GLO 1GB FOR N300

This Special data offer was the best cheap data plan on all Network when it was N200 for 1.2GB, valid for 3 days. Now it has been updated to 1GB for N300, 1 day (24 hours).

This Glo Special Data Plan isn't the same and not as good as the old plan. Here's why;

  1. Dial *777#
  2. Reply with  1 
  3. then 1 
  4. then 5 
  5. then 1
  6. then 1.

4. 9Mobile 1GB For N200

This was my best data plan before Glo came with their Special Data Plan. This 9mobile 1GB for N200 is valid for 3 days and can be used all days. Note: For me, I am not able to use it from 10AM - 5:30PM for the 3 days, that's a reason for me to stop using 9mobile. But you can give it a try, oh, before I forget, this plan is sim selective, not all SIMs are eligible.

To Subscribe, Dail *929*10#, Check Data via *228#.

In Conclusion:

This is all about "Cheapest Data Bundle Plan 2019 for Airtel, MTN, Glo, 9mobile Network. There will be no need worrying for data or cheats when these are available to us. If you have any difficulty subscribing to any data bundle, the comment box is below or LIVE CHAT us on Facebook messager.


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