UC Mini Handler (v9.8.0/10.8) Download For PC & Android (FREE INTERNET)

    UC Mini Handler by dzebb apk Free Version 9.8.0 (Popular) and UC handler Apk (Latest) v10.8.7 can be downloaded for Free on Android devices and PC (Computers). UC Mini Handler Apk Free App gives users access to the internet for Free, you can browse, bypass firewall, gain unlimited downloads online and tweak any custom settings of your choice.
    UC Mini Handler Apk Free Download

    UC Mini Handler or UC Handler VPN as some calls it, is very similar to other Tunneling VPN Apps like Psiphon, Syphon G Kings, and the list goes on. Download UC Mini Handler for MTN Free Internet, Glo Free Browsing, Cheat for Airtel and working settings for Etisalat - Rebranded to (9mobile). UC handler is not a standalone app created from Adam, it was modded from UC Browser Mini Apk Android version and then new features were included such as Custom Settings, HandlerUI Mode, and Free internet access.

    UC Mini Handler was globally known in 2016 because of its ability to download Free on any ISP Network like Airtel, Glo, 9mobile, and MTN without paying a dim to get these Free Data. The just last year 2018, some users were able to enjoy Glo Cheat using UC Mini Handler Apk for Android alone to browse Free and Unlimited on Glo, making the Network think they were using their MB to browse, you can learn more about UC Mini Handler Settings and UC Super Mod Configuration for GLO 2017 Here. In case you care to know, we were using UC Handler v10.4.2. UC Mini Handler v9.8.0/10.8 now comes with new speed improvements, less glitch and new Configuration settings for any Network to browse Free, Bypass restrictions. The Latest UC Mini Handler Apk Speed now goes around 2MB/S, which is the fastest speed since the previous versions released over the years of my using UC Mini New Apps.
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    UC Mini Handler VPN for Android is what we are reviewing first, as you can see from the Table of Content, this really is a long and well-written article from scratch and well researched by UcheTechs.Com. Over the years, UC Mini Handler Apk has been improving their Android Apps to make users enjoy their service to their satisfaction. Dzebb (UC Handler Creator) has even gone ahead to create new software for Computer Users which is UC Mini for PC with more advanced features to browse securely online and bypass ISP firewalls, others have been able to tweak the app to browse Free. Actually, uc mini handler by dzebb isn't the only VPN this genus has created over the years, one he has created and modded is; Psiphon Pro Lite VPN. This VPN is better because it runs in the background even when you close the app without deactivating the connection. Let me explain.

    UC Mini Handler App has a big disadvantage over other tunneling apps, how? When you configure (settings) UC Handler Apk on your Android phone for Free internet successfully, downloading and streaming can only be done through UC Mini Apk and not outside the app like power other Applications which can be Facebook or Whatsapp. If you want to stream movies like Naruto or any of your choice, you'll have to visit the website of your choice to stream online or download through its link, this can't be done on any Video streaming app you have installed on your Android phone.

    UC Handler Apk Free version 10.8 comes with new features and UI Redesign, you can now get more access to handy tools which can be used to improve your browsing performance, increased access to blocked websites and bug fixes. These are just a few of the many Features UC Mini Handler Free Apk has been modded with, these have been reviewed below, and they have not only be listed but explained and how they are useful in one way or the other.

    Features Of UC Mini Handler v10.8.7 Apk (Latest) 2019 [ANDROID]

    #1. Super Fast Browsing

    UC Mini Handler v10.8.7 mainly comes with new speed improvements, if you followed along in the article, you'll remember when we stated UC Handler 2019 Apk now browses at 2MB/S, you now get fast downloads and pages displaying faster than usual. This latest update to UC Mini Apk is one of the best features because you get to stream online without buffering and other tasks can be done simultaneously when streaming in UC Mini Handler by dzebb for Free.

    #2. Free Internet & Free Browsing Settings

    Free Internet has been made easy in the new update of UC Mini Handler Apk (Latest version). If the previous settings failed to work for some network host settings like MTN, Glo Cheat, Airtel Free Internet or Etisalat Free Internet, you can try the new advanced options like Proxy types and proxy options and many more.

    #3. Apk Small in Size

    This is one advantage of using UC Mini Handler VPN on your Android Phone. UC Handler App is very Small in Size, therefore, any Android phone with low internal storage can install and use the VPN to its full potential like browsing for Free, and downloading files online using their Free Internet settings.

    Uc Mini Handler Super Mod
    Settings Interface of UC mini Handler Mod

    #4 Dzebb handler Product | Functioning servers

    Dzebb has been known for his fast servers provided in his handler Apps which are not just fast but 100% up and running. By using UC Mini Handler Apk, be rest assured you'll always have a fully functioning server which is regularly updated by Dzebb himself.

    Highly Recommended:
    Tip: The most recommended servers from experience and research based on users complaints, and observations is; Always use Singapore for fast connections, stable connections, and secure connections.

    #5 Night Mode Feature

    This is a long-awaited feature to night crawlers, lol. Actually, this was developed for the sole purpose of Night browsers and streamers. Most Free Internet for MTN, Glo, Airtel or any Network is best used at night because these are when the servers are responding without it disconnections. So instead of using the bright screen light when browsing all night, thereby damaging your eyes, you can make use of UC Handler for Android to change the display option to night mode. This not only helps you physically but also helps the device battery live as well. The battery lasts longer since the display isn't bright enough to consume more battery power than usual when browsing with your DATA on.

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    UC Mini Handler Latest Apk Information for Android

    App Name: UC Mini Handler

    Version: 10.8.7

    App Size: 1.84MB

    Mod Downloads: 10,000+

    Minimum Requirements: Android 4.0+

    Price: Free for All

    Developer: Modded by Dzebb & CRackX | (Credits)

    Age Rating: 10+

    Content Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

    UC handler Apk Settings
    UC handler Apk Settings

    UC Mini For PC Latest Software Information

    Software Name: UC Browser for Windows


    Software for PC Size: 1.62MB

    Minimum Requirements: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7

    License: Free 

    Download UC Mini Handler Apk v10.8.7 For Android 2019

    - Download UC Mini Handler 10.8 Apk Here for Android devices which are compatible to install UC Handler.

    Available Download Source: MediaFire | Google Drive. UC Mini Handler v10.8 is the best Mod Apk you can possibly see online, for now, so don't hesitate to download and enjoy all the features explained in this tutorial.

    Download UC Mini Handler Software For PC 2019

    Download UC Mini For PC with New Features and Free Internet host scanner options.

    Available Download Source: DualPaste for Developers.

    How To Set UC Mini Handler For Glo & Free Internet.

    The Host you'll use to browse the internet for free will solely depend on yours. Different hosts work differently on some Networks or ISP for a specific country. So right now, there are no current working settings for UC Mini Handler Apk in Nigeria, but Ghanaians can try a working host, but the settings provided below works for a majority of the hosts or Proxy server used for Free Internet.
    • Launch UC Mini Handler v10.8.7 Apk
    • Tick Remove Port
    • Proxy Type: Real Host
    • Custom Header: X-online-host (Default)
    • Proxy Server: Your Host E.G (redirect.gloworld.com).
    • Real Proxy Type: Default
    • Port: 80
    • Now click on SAVE.
    Now you've has been connected if your host sends and receive data and is capable of browsing for free. To test Uc Mini Handler Free Internet for Airtel, MTN, Glo Cheat or Etisalat if it actually works, subscribes to Facebook or Twitter (social media plan) on your networks, and then do this;
    Before then, See this: 
    If you are using MTN Whatsapp Social media plan, input web.whastapp.net as Peroxy server, while if you are using Airtel Facebook Plan, use facebook.com as Proxy server and you'll see ones's it connected, you can not only use the social media plan for it it's meant for, which is chat, but you can also use it to watch videos and stream. #Comment if this was unclear to you.


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