Racksterly co (Pays you up to $250) For Technically Doing Nothing

Racksterly.co is a trending online making method now, it is legit, and you are paid daily for technically doing nothing. The Payment method also allows conversion from a dollar to Naira in case you need that. With Racksterly, you can earn more than $2.5 daily and more, I will teach you all you need to know, time is money, so do not waste this wonderful opportunity.
Racksterly Payment Proof

First of all, here is the Link, quickly register in another window and come back here for all you need to know about Racksterly. Are you done registering?

If yes, then you should be stuck at a screen where you are required to choose any package, do not worry, let me guide you, but before then, why don't we just know what Racksterly is and what it does?

Racksterly is a registered company, plus they have a physical address and also, they have not delayed anyone's payment since their launch in August 2019. Their service is just like advertising company's which serves as a middle man for advertisers by letting publishers display ads for advertisers. Racksterly connects your account with advertisers, in the sense that you can see different ads on your dashboard when you share any and it gets clicked, you will be paid based on the plan you selected.

Time to finally make money on Facebook instead of just logging in and not making a cent from someone's app, rather just being entertained with it. With your account which should have over 200 friends, you are eligible for Racksterly account creation, you can link different accounts too to share. Remember not to create bot followers or friend requests as this can get your account banned and waste your money, at least nothing less than $18.

Subscribing to a plan grants you 30 days' access to our community. If you refer 6 friends to the same plan you're on or a higher plan before your subscription expires, your subscription period will be extended another 30 days, at no extra cost! Get your feet wet with the Dew plan, or select a higher plan. Your account, your rules. There are 4 plans to choose from, remember the higher the plan, the more money you will be able to make.
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The $18 Dew plan, which i choose lets you earn $1.2 Daily, while the Drizzle $25 offers $1.8 Daily, the $45 storm plan offers $3.5 Daily and finally the typhoon $75 offers $5.6 Daily. All the plans are valid for 30 Days, comes with Instant Activation and has Same-Day Withdrawals. The payment are certain, all you need to do to make such minimum amount daily is login to Racksterly and share any advertisement to your Facebook timeline, your followers does not even need to click it, the share is enough.

More money can be made when you refer family or friends, simply use the referal link and share with others to earn more money for clicks and signups. No commision for referal subscriptions.

How To Share. Earn. with Racksterly.co

1. Sign up.

Sign up for a Racksterly account. Once signed up, you will be prompted to provide your domestic bank account information (so you can withdraw your earnings), after which you can subscribe and start sharing. You have a network of friends who share common interests with you - and businesses on Racksterly are willing to pay you to reach them. Your timeline is digital real estate, valuable real estate. Think of it as renting out space on your timeline. Monetize your Facebook account. Make it pay.

- Referral Code Asked > D526BE

2. Share a business or cause.

Once you've subscribed and completed your profile, you will be able to access your account dashboard where you can begin sharing. On your dashboard, you can then choose a business or social cause you think your network of family and friends will be interested in to share. It is important to note, however, that to discourage spammy behaviour, Racksterly pay you for sharing directly. Your shared link has to be clicked at least once. As soon as your link is clicked, you'll be paid (the amount you are paid is determined by your membership plan). You can only share once a day, and you can begin sharing from the very moment you complete your subscription.

3. Get paid.

Racksterly Wallet

When signing up, you will provide a bank account. On the day before your subscription ends, you can withdraw all your earnings to this bank account. They claim you'll receive your funds within minutes, or at most, a few hours. "You've worked for your money, and you can be sure we'll stop at nothing to ensure you get paid. No. Matter. What. A word of caution though. This isn't a get-rich-quick website. Sure, you can make some serious $$$ here if you try, but if you want instant results with no effort, you've come to the wrong place, and you'd better get a move on - au revoir, monsieur!" says the company. They added "It isn't like sharing is a lot of work; it'll only take 5 minutes daily. If you can't handle that, then you probably can't handle anything else. And that would be very sad, amigo."
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4. Spread the love.

Referring friends is totally optional, but when you do so, you are paid in multiple ways. Besides a 5% commission per referral, there is an interesting feature called "Achievements". With achievements, hitting certain referral targets earns you relatively large bonuses, over and over again, so the only limit to your earning potential is you. Just you. Refer 6 friends within 30 days of subscribing, and get the next month of subscription free!

Racksterly Earning Ways Beside Just Sharing on Facebook Daily

Daily share means it is inevitable you earn the minimum amount for your plan, but you can earn more if you want by sharing and completing some tasks, below are the informations.

Racksterly Referral Deals

  1. Get your first referral +$2.5
  2. Refer a friend on the same day you start a subscription +$3
  3. Refer 3 friends within one subscription period +$10
  4. Refer 10 friends within one subscription period +$45
  5. Refer 20 friends within one subscription period +$80
  6. Refer 50 friends within one subscription period +$150
  7. Refer 100 friends within one subscription period +$350
  8. Refer 2 friends on the day you make your withdrawals, just before your subscription ends +$9

Example of Advertisment on Racksterly Dashboard

Racksterly Ads For Facebook Shares

There will be more from time to time, they adviced you advertise what you can share with people normally, that is what you recommend. So if there are some ads you do not like, there is no need spoiling your reputation with such ads shared on your timeline. A good way to prevent this is to have another Facebook account created, but you need at least 200 friends, so you see, nothing good comes easy.

If there are more questions you need, please let me know via the comment or contact me, let me update this post with solution to your questions, this is all for now about Racksterly Business platform, share this post to help your friends understand some technical part, remember to share your referral link to them too, make more money. Enjoy!


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