Spectranet 4G Unlimited Free Browsing For V2Ray by UTLoop

The latest free browsing for Spectranet 4G Network is finally here, this was published by some blogs a few days ago and it is working on those cool apps. Today, it is working on V2Ray by UTLoop VPN and it is super fast and stable.

Spectranet 4G Unlimited Free Browsing

Spectranet 4G Network free browsing is unlimited, you do not need to have an active data bundle to enjoy this, it is working for free on V2Ray by UTLoop.

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If you have Spectranet 4G SIM, and you are in the supported regions which are Lagos, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, and Abuja, then you can get access to this unlimited free internet. It can be used for downloading, streaming, on social media, and so on.

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Spectranet Unlimited Free Browsing For V2Ray by UTLoop

  1. Get your Spectranet 4G sim you currently don't have data on.
  2. Next, download V2Ray by UTLoop from Playstore.
  3. Launch with your active mobile data, then "Update Config" from Menu.

    Update Config from Menu

  4. Now, connect your router to your Android phone.
  5. Head to NGA Spectranet 4G Free, select it, and Tap "START".

    Spectranet 4G Connected

  6. Once connected, you will see "Connected! Network Ping too 6**ms".

Note: If you ever notice the application is having server issues for days, or a week, be sure to update the config from the menu as there could be a fix to that.


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