Bing Chat Updates: Chat History, Charts and Video Overlay Added

Microsoft Bing Chat is an AI chatbot experience from Microsoft based on the popular ChatGPT (version 4) Large Language Model (LLM) from OpenAI to offer similar responses to how humans will answer questions. It is available for Web and Mobile devices - it has gotten new updates such as chat history, charts, and video overlay.
Bing Chat Updates

In a recent blog post by Microsoft, they revealed that they have started rolling out the new chat history feature that lets users see their previous chat threads with the AI chatbot just as it is shown on the official ChatGPT. Users can rename, export, delete and share the chat thread with other users too.

Another major feature added to the latest version of Bing Chat is the ability to exclude records of conversations that are related to files on Windows PC i.e. third-party to Microsoft search index. With this feature update, personal data will be prevented from being included in the data Microsoft uses to train its generative AI tools.

Furthermore, Bing Chat now includes statistics with charts and visualizations, meaning that now if you ask for the trends of gadgets usage by countries or cities, you will see the chatbot provide graphs, alongside the text results.

If the need arises, you may also need the newly added feature that allows you to export your chats with Bing Chat to Microsoft-related documents like Microsoft Word, or even as a .txt file or .pdf file. This can be useful if you need to quickly get the details, in case there is a server outage on the online chat service.

Finally, the new overlay for results will be shown with a video that you can watch in full screen, having the ability to navigate the video with timestamps. When typing text, suggestions will be shown, this will be different from the in-built system suggestion you have enabled for your device.


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