8 League of Legends Facts Every Gamer Should Know

Despite being one of the oldest esports titles around, League of Legends continues to prove popular with players. However, now that the game is well into its second decade, many new arrivals to LoL may be oblivious to the behind-the-scenes secrets that have propelled this MOBA into the mainstream. Below, we explore 8 fascinating League of Legends facts every gamer should know.

8 League of Legends Facts

League of Legends Facts 2023

1. It's One of the Most Lucrative Esports Titles Around

If you're thinking about turning a love for video games into a career, you could do a lot worse than become a professional League of Legends player. For the past few years, the prize pool at the League of Legends World Championship has exceeded $2 million. In 2022, approximately $2.23 million was up for grabs. However, when it comes to prize money, League of Legends falls short of Dota 2. In 2021, The International boasted a single tournament prize pool of more than $40 million. 

2. Some LoL Champions Are Inspired by Lord of the Rings Characters 

This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to any fan of Tolkein's work. It's not uncommon for content creators working within the fantasy genre to lift ideas from other media, but inspirations run deep as far as Aatrox is concerned. If you think the Darkin Blade looks familiar, you're definitely onto something. Senior animator Mike Laygo has admitted that the villainous Sauron was a key design influence for this champion. 

3. South Koreans Are the Biggest Earners

While the first League of Legends World Championship was held in Europe, it's South Korean teams that have dominated professional play in recent years. T1 has won the top prize three different times, with Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok earning more than $1.43 million from tournaments alone. Even relative newcomers like Jeong "Chovy" Ji-hoon have made a small fortune, with the Korean youngster raking in more than $250,000 in just a few years. Eager to see if he can add to the kitty? Check out this Chovy LoL profile.

4. Most LoL Players Are Based in China 

While South Korean teams may rule supreme, the game is most popular in China. In 2023, more than 75 million active users. While China does have a significant population, no other country comes close in terms of player count. In fact, the player base is so large that the game is hosted on dozens of different servers. 

5. Many Actors Voice Multiple Champions

It's not unusual for voice actors to lend their talents to multiple characters. In League of Legends, many popular champions are voiced by the same person. Erin Fitzgerland is the voice behind both Janna and Sona. Meanwhile, Emily O'Brien plays both Samira and Camille. However, Karen Strassman deserves a special mention, with the actress providing the voices of no less than five champions. 

6. Many Items Are Named After Employees from Riot Games 

It's no secret the creators of the game inspired the names of several champions. However, a surprising number of champions and inventory items are named in honor of people working behind the scenes at Riot Games. Take the Morellonomicon as an example. This legendary item takes its name from one-time champion designer, Ryan "Morello" Scott. 

7. Complicated Family Trees 

Unless you've delved into the lore of League of Legends, you might not realize that many champions are related to each other. There are multiple sets of siblings in the game, with the obvious examples being Garen and Lux, Yasuo and Yone, and Kayle and Morgana. 

8. Singled Was the Original LoL Champion 

Today, there are more than 160 LoL champions to choose from. However, back in 2009, players could only pick from a pool of six. Among these champions was Singed. He also has the distinction of being the first-ever champion designed by Riot Games. While many long-standing champions have seen major overhauls over the years, Singed's character design remains largely untouched.


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