Instagram's Latest Feature: Disable Read Receipts in DMs

 Instagram is currently in the development stages of a novel feature that grants users the ability to disable read receipts within Instagram Direct Messages. The social media platform, which is under the Meta umbrella, has not yet disclosed the official release date for this feature.

Disable Read Receipts in Instagram DMs

In contrast, Meta's instant messaging service, WhatsApp, already offers a similar functionality that empowers its users to customize whether message read status is visible to others. However, the Facebook Messenger app, another offering from Meta, does not provide users with the option to deactivate read receipts.

Instagram's Head, Adam Mosseri, shared news of this forthcoming feature via a broadcast message. He revealed that the company is presently testing the ability for users to switch off read receipts in their Direct Messages. By doing so, users can maintain their privacy by preventing others from knowing when or if they have read a specific message within a conversation.

Nevertheless, Mosseri did not provide any specific information regarding the feature's launch date, nor did he hint at a timeline for its public release. When the feature does become available, users will have the option to activate it via Instagram's privacy settings menu. Notably, the current menu layout within the application differs from the one displayed in Mosseri's screenshot, suggesting that a menu redesign might be in the works.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, also announced the testing of this feature via his broadcast channel. However, there is no mention of whether Facebook's Messenger app, the primary tool for accessing messages on the social media platform, will receive a similar update.

Furthermore, Instagram has revealed another feature in the works, allowing users to add media to an existing image carousel when invited by a friend. The original poster must grant approval for all added images and videos, a move aimed at enhancing collaborative sharing on the platform.

Additionally, Instagram is exploring a feature that will enable users to personalize their feeds further. This feature will offer users the choice between three options: Following, Favourites, and Meta Verified, allowing them to curate their content consumption experience.


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