Counter Strike 2 - how has the game changed relative to CS: GO?

As the CS2 release is near, the gaming community is excited about what is coming up and what will be different in this title from CS: GO. CS: GO was released eleven years ago, but it was still way ahead of its time in terms of features. Due to this, players are expecting a lot from CS2. Here are some of the prominent changes in CS2 from CS: GO.

Counter Strike 2

Skinmonkey is a safe site to sell csgo skins. The biggest update from Counter-Strike 2 is the engine update, which everyone is talking about. This new engine not only improves the gameplay but can completely change it in some cases.


Maps in CS: GO were very good, but they'll be even better in CS2. According to reports, maps will be improved a lot. These reports also tell us that maps in CS2 are divided into three categories. The first category features maps, which are maps from previous Counter-Strike titles, but they have been changed completely. The second category of maps is called the upgrade category. 

In this category, all the maps are the same as CS: GO maps, but they feature a better lighting system and other changes thanks to the source two engines. Touchstone maps are the third category of maps that will feature better character reads and lighting. Not much is changed in these touchstone maps. Developers say that these updates don't sound much, but they will surely elevate the gameplay experience to a great extent. 


 Along with the source two game engine, an updated server system is also coming up with Counter-Strike 2. Thanks to this system, you'll enjoy an improved overall performance. This new server system in CS2 is called the sub-tick system. In this system, the tick rate doesn't matter anymore. With this system, you can now see when a player moved or fired. No matter what the tick rate is, all these actions will remain the same. 


One of the biggest updates from CS: GO is graphics, thanks to the new game engine called the Source Two engine. This engine is bringing visual improvements to the game. These updates will change the user interface, object models, and textures. The lighting, as well as the details of characters and weapons, is improved to a great extent. Now, weapons and characters have high-resolution models. Compared to CS: GO, the user interface of Counter-Strike 2 has also improved a lot. 

Various new animations are added to the game. Some other notable graphics updates in CS2 are blood-spatter visual effects, animations, and the muzzle flash. The smoke grenade effects are also improved a lot. Firing bullet will remove the smoke from the bullet line. You can now use a grenade to remove all the smoke. The terrain will also affect the smoke. The smoke can enter buildings through open windows and doors, which takes things to a whole new level of realism. To make the smoke look real, the lighting system is also changed. 


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