How To Use Glo Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat on Android and Computer

Hello guys, we know how long this glo free browsing has lasted. So we cant actually depend on it too much as it can get blocked anytime from now. So we need to enjoy it s we can to our satisfaction. If you haven't gotten your glo sim up till now go and get one as soon as possible so as to enjoy what we glo users has been enjoying.  One problem with the glo unlimited is that it doesn't work for all except you are in a good and strong network area, or it may be you do not have the right settings.

For those of you who are not in a good network coverage to use your glo free browsing, click HERE to see some tricks to use and get your signal in full. In this tutorial we will talk about the glo free browsing settings and as well as showing you guys some videos, seeing is believing in Nigeria smiles. So kindly choose which is better for you, either the video or settings but if you need to see all its free.
Lets now talk about the glo free browsing and please guys this tutorials should be followed closely, moreover i am available to listen to comments if any. Enjoy...

Information about Glo
  • Network;  Strong 3G Network
  • Sims; Strong Network 
  • Country; Nigeria
  • Signals; depending on location

How To Use Glo Cheat On Android

Minimum Requirements;
  1. 3G Network; HSAP+
  2. APPS; AnonyTun
  3. RAM; 400
  4. Sim; Glo
High Recommendation
  1. 3G Network; 4G
  2. APPS; AnonyTun
  3. RAM; 1.6
  4. Sim; N0.0k and Glo sim
Ones you have the above handy you are free to continue below, do not worry i will send the Files in this topic.
Lets now begin...

1. Download AnonyTun latest version HERE
2.  After downloading the application install it
3. Install the application and do not set anything yet
Now this is where we now do the main thing
Disclaimer;  Post created by uchetechs.
4. Head over to your APN in your settings> Mobile networks> Access point Names>Choose glo if you are using two sims if not you will see the APN open.
5. Create new APN and set it like this

  • Name; Glo fast
  • Apn; glo fast

 and leave the rest untouched..

6. After that click save and select the APN.
7. Now open AnonyTun and set it like this;
  • Enable stealth Tunnel On
  • In connection Protocol choose HTTP 
  • In Connection Port choose 8081(UPDATED TO 7254)
  • Do not touch the connect via parent proxy
  • Now click on Edit Custom TCP/ Http Headers
  • You should see the Title HTTP Headers
  • On url/Host input; TO
  • On Request method choose; GET
  • On injection method choose; NORMAL
  • Leave Query method blank in the sense that you should untick Front  query and back query if they were ticked.
  • Now tick User-agent 
  • Now click on the Generate button
  • (UPDATED, CLICK "Forward Host
It should show like the text below if not repeat the steps again....
User-Agent: [ua][crlf]
  • Now click save. It should take you back to the home screen of the app.
  • Use this my new trick to make it connect in 2 secs....
  • Disclaimer;  
  • Post created by uchetechs.
  • Activate your data...and immediately your data on's click on connect 
  • Minimize the app and browse unlimited. 
Still don't understand watch the video below to see how to use it.

Wasn't that like magic, now you should try it for yourself......

PC users should wait and read below how to use glo unlimited on their PC

How To Use Glo Cheat On PC

Minimum Requirements;
  1. 3G Network; Hspa+
  2. APPS; AnonyTun, Pdanet Apk, Pdanet PC
  3. RAM; Any
  4. Sim; Glo
High Recommendation
  1. 3G Network; 4G
  2. APPS; AnonyTun, Pdanet Apk, Pdanet PC, Foxfi Ke
  3. RAM; Any
  4. Sim; N0.0k and Glo sim
Ones you have the above handy you are free to continue below, do not worry i will send the Files in this topic.
Lets now begin...
  1. Download PdaNet for android here
  2. Download Foxfi key[Unlocked] on your Android device here.
  3. Download PdaNet for PC here
Note; Foxfi key enables unlimited browsing on your PC and without it you will be limited to 300MB.
4. You already have AnonyTun, if not download here.
5. Install PdaNet on your PC
6. Install Foxfi Key on your android device and also PdaNet on your Android device.
7. Set AnonyTun the way... Post created by Uchetechs .we did it above.
8. With the same APN
9. Connect AnonyTun.
10. Open your already installed PdaNet on your android
11. Go to 'Developers options'
12. On It and head over to Debugging
13. Activate USB debugging

Note; If you didn't see 'developers options' in your android device, do the following trick below to activate it.

  • Go to about on your android phone 
  • For Samsung go to software info while others should try and find where their android version is.
  • Now you should see Build number among the menus.
  • Click on the Build number continuously till you get a message saying 'you are now a developer'.

14. Head back to your PdaNet application... Post created by Uchetechs .... on your phone and open it.
15. Click on Activate 'USB Mode' and it will show 'USB Tether Connected'.
16. Now Minimize the app and continue below....
17. Connect your phone with an USB cord to the PC
18. Open PdaNet on your PC
19. Click on it and you should see connect button on it
20. Click on connect and PdaNet will start to verify your Internet connection.
21. Finally it should connect and now you can browse anything for free!

Still don't understand watch the video below to see how to use it

 Hope you found it easy and it worked for you. Took me time to write and compose this post for you guys, show appreciation by commenting below. And you can still comment below for any question... Thanks for visiting and also come back here for quality content like this and have a nice day....
Post created by Uchetechs


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