Top 10 Best Lock Screen Apps For Android

Lock Screens secure your security, information and furthermore ensures your gadget when your gadget incidentally awakens. Thus, here we give you a portion of the best Lock screen applications which will give you a portion of the superb highlights which you would love to have. So how about we investigate this rundown and discover what they need to give.
best lock screen apps

These Best Lock Screen Apps Protect Your cell phone for being hacked or ensure your information about being stolen. So, Download any of the free-lock screen applications for your android from beneath's List.

1 Gesture Lock Screen | Best Lock Screen App:

Gesture Lock Screen

Utilizing this application, you can draw numbers, letters, shapes, marks, and motions to open your cell phone. Likewise, you can set 4 to 8 digit secret key for your gadget. Additionally, you can tweak this Lock screen utilizing this application. You can change backdrops, alter screen things, change the arrangement of date and time, secret key keypad and substantially more.

2 Next Lock Screen | Best Lock Screen App:

Next Lock Screen

This application enables you to set custom passwords with a PIN or example code. It additionally gives unique mark open in equipment arranged gadgets. The warnings from current applications, for example, Gmail, WhatsApp can be seen. Many devices, for example, snappy access to Camera, Flashlight, WiFi and so forth are accessible. Additionally, it checks neighborhood climate with programmed refreshes. Some more highlights are controlling the music player, evolving backdrops, and so forth.
  • Download Unavailable
  • Engineer: Microsoft Corporation 
  • Value: Free 

3 ZUI Locker:

 ZUI Locker

The featuring highlight of this application is that it refreshes your backdrop in a regular routine. It is a smooth and delightful application. It is an exceedingly effective and additionally an exceptionally adaptable screen locker. Likewise, it protects your gadget from undesirable clients. The separation sensor will keep the telephone from incidentally awakening.
  • Download Unavailable
  • Engineer: ZUI Locker 
  • Value: Free+ 

4 CM Locker:

CM Locker

This is a standout amongst the most downloaded screen locker. You can utilize PIN or example code for locking your gadget. Unique mark opening is upheld in equipment bolstered gadgets. It ensures your gadget while snapping the photo of any interloper who enters a wrong secret key. Additionally, you can browse an assortment of styles and topics.
  • Download 
  • Designer: cheetah versatile ( secure lock screen and app lock ) 
  • Value: Free 

5 SnapLock Smart Lock Screen:

SnapLock Smart Lock Screen

The notification bar looks extraordinary when you utilize this application which won't let you miss any notice. You can alter your secure screen any way you wish to. Every day of yours begins with a stunning backdrop.
  • Download Unavailable 
  • Engineer: Ripple Technology 
  • Value: Free 

6 Knock Lock:

Knock Lock

When you utilize this application, opening your cell phone is only a thump away. It is the most recent technique one can use to ensure a cell phone. Additionally, it is imperceptible! Indeed you read it right, it is imperceptible! It appears to be much the same as some mystical example which opens a cell phone. It is sheltered and in addition an astounding application. Download this application to take in more about it!
  • Download Unavailable
  • Engineer: Breakout Games 
  • Value: Free+ 

7 OS8 Lock Screen:

OS8 Lock Screen

The fundamental element of this application is to give an iOS-like ordeal to its clients. It recreates iPhone 6/iOS 8 Lockscreen. You can utilize PIN to shield your gadget from undesirable guests. It is a little and viable application. Likewise, it furnishes with iOS console secret word, 12 and 24-hour design for showing time, sound settings and significantly more.
  • Download Unavailable
  • Engineer: HenryOsTeam 
  • Value: Free 

8 Signature Lock Screen:

Signature Lock Screen

You can open your gadget by drawing anything you like, for example, shapes, numbers, marks, and so on. It is much like the 'Motion Lock Screen' application. It can be utilized as an option for 'Signal Lock Screen' application.

  • Download Unavailable
  • Engineer: 
  • Value: Free 
9 My Name Lock Screen:

My Name Lock Screen

This application enables you to alter your portable Lock screen with your name, photograph and your experience yet a PIN is additionally set. It accompanies an assortment of customization highlights. you can lead pictures from the exhibition or straightforwardly from the camera. Additionally, it has diverse impacts.
  • Download Unavailable
  • Engineer: 
  • Value: Free 

10 Voice Lock Screen:

Voice Lock Screen

Utilizing this application, you can utilize voice summons to open your gadget. There is no restriction to the quantity of voice password which can be included or erased. You have to enter the recuperation secret word or reinforcement watchword to open or change voice passwords. Indeed, even this application accompanies an assortment of apparatuses which will enable you in redoing your bolt to screen.
Now, we have seen the top screen lock apps for android which can be used for free on any Android device. If there are some apps that should have been added and wasn't, kindly comment below.


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