Glo Increases Data Plan Auto-Renewal To 150% + 2.5GB YouTube Streaming

Glo has finally introduced YouTube streaming plan which other Networks released recently, e.g Airtel. This Glo new data plan for November gives you 4GB for N1000, which is 50% than the usual data plan.

Glo Increases Data Plan Auto-Renewal To 150% + 2.5GB YouTube Streaming

Let's Not forget how we can get 100% on Auto renewal on Glo. This increase was released today and is official. Not like that of the quick teller 200% Bonus which they didn't advertise. With this plan, Glo shows they are ready to satisfy their customers.

But the new data plan can only be gotten if you auto renewed your data subscription before it expires. So if you subscribe to Glo N1000 for 1.6GB which when auto-renewed gives you 3.2GB now gives you 4GB. Cool right?

New Glo Data Plans:

The below picture will show you Glo new 150% data plan for 2017/18.

New Glo Data Plans

Glo 2.5GB YouTube Streaming: 

This is the best of Glo new data plan, you get free 2.5GB to stream Youtube, which other networks are into, as said earlier. As far as you have a data subscription, you can stream YouTube with the free 2.5GB from 1am - 5:30am.

Note that it's not just for a fresh data plan, you need to auto-renew to get the free 2.5GB for YouTube Streaming.

Free Video Streaming On iFlix:

Free Video Streaming On iFlix

This is not a trick, it is official form Glo. They made a partnership with iFlix, so you can stream any video for free with iFlix.

You need to subscribe to stream any video with iFlix. Buzz to 105 to download GloCafe  Subscription is free.

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  1. chinedu okwaraNovember 08, 2017

    This is very nice off them

    1. But they still need to fix their network issue

  2. AbayomrunkojeNovember 08, 2017

    Too be frank, Glo are really trying than other Networks

    1. Thyley really are, their problem is their bad network

  3. What de what!! N100 for 4GB, this is the best

  4. Wonderful News, Kepp updating us Uche Boss

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