Remotely Control Android Phone From another Android Phone (RemoDroid)

To remotely Control Android Phone From another Android Phone is a very powerful trick many are looking forward to. As always, I will always teach you the best Tips and Tricks on our daily life Technology use. This tutorial is very easy, it requires just an app called RemoDroid on our Android device.

Control Android Phone From another Android Phone

The trick works on all Android device, in the sense that all Android device are supported to ghost an Android phone from another. We are utilizing an app called RemoDroid. Follow the tutorials closely.



In other to Control Android Phone From another Android Phone, do the following;

1. Download and install RemoDroid on both devices Here

2. Tap and open the app on both devices
3. Once the app opens, you will see two options: “Connect” and “Stream.”

The stream used to Control Android Phone From another Android Phone, which requires Root while Connect is used for device being controlled which requires root access
For the app to work properlly, make sure your devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and they are both rooted.
4. Tap the menu button, and select “Settings” from the option.

5. Click “Port for Streaming” to check your port. Don't forget the port, keep a note handy.

6. Adjust the quality of streaming by tapping on the option you prefer. For instance, if you choose good quality, it will work perfectly. However, if you chose “High quality,” there may be some lags in the phone being controlled depending on device version.

7. To link the two devices, tap the back button of the controlling device and tap “Stream.” A notification RemoDroid server started will appear. Take note of the IP address.

8. Tap Connect, a menu will pop up. 

9. Here, enter the IP address and port of the controller device in the space provided. Afterwards, tap Connect to link the two devices.

10. Tap the Home button. (The screen on the controlling device will display the screen of the device being controlled.) Swipe across the screen to see the same functions occurring in the device being controlled.

To disconnect the devices, tap “Stop streaming” in the controlling device.

Control Another Phone From Another Android Video Tutorial

This is how to Control Android Phone From another Android Phone using Remodroid. This method works well, as it will surely ghost your android device. Although, requires root access doesn't mean you can't enjoy this. Some higher Android version works with it.


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