10 Command Prompt Tricks You Don't know

    Command Prompt can be used for so many amazing tricks in Window OS. With this, you can have total control on your  PC from this tool. Here we collect some best commands and tips for you that works in command prompt tool. These are lovely tricks and fun things to do with cmd.

    Command Prompt Tips

    1 Run Command Prompt as Administrator

    To run CMD tool as administrator, right click on it.

    2 Open Command Prompt from Run Window

    Command Prompt

    Pres Window +R, then type cmd and press enter. This is best methods for opening the command prompt in PC.

    3 Change Command Prompt Color Fonts

    If you want green fonts type COLOR A command in command prompt.


    4 Open Command Prompt window from any Folder Location

    Browser any folder and right click on any folder holding Shift button, Select open command window here and you are able to open the command prompt from that location.

    5. Paste any Text in Command Prompt

    Press Ctrl+V button or right click on command prompt window and select paste option.

    6. Find a Website IP Address from Command Prompt

    Find any website IP Address from pinging the website.

    eg: ping www.bing.com, change www.apple.com with your website address.

    7. Automatically Complete Commands with Tab Completion

    Type the first letter and press tab button. Command prompt suggests you lots of commands.

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    8 View Your Computer’s IP and other Network Information 

    Type  ipconfig/all in command prompt for getting all info about your computer network.

    9. See all info using the help on cmd

    Command Prompt help
    Type Help to see al commands

    10.  Exit Command Prompt

    Type exit command in command prompt.

    These are some best tips and tricks on command prompt (cmd). Any question, please comment below.


    1. chinedu okwaraDecember 20, 2017

      Very nice tricks boss

    2. chinedu okwaraDecember 20, 2017

      The best tricks i have seen so far