2 Ways To Transfer Files, Photos From iPhone To Android 2018

Hello guys, today with another Tips and Tricks for iPhone and we will be learning a cool hack, how to transfer iPhone files, data, and images to Android.

Transfer Photos From iPhone To Android

This time around, we will learn two tricks at the same time. The first step requires an app - Mobile Transfer. By ustilising this software, you can easily transfer all your, files, images and data between your iphone and android.


Transfer large files From iPhone To Android

1. First, download and Install "Mobile transfer" software in your computer.
You shold have iTunes software installed in your Pc, so do not sync your data with it.
2 Mobile Transfer has differnet links For Windows or Mac OS, the links are not recommended online, so this is an alternate link. Offers the same features.  .

3 So, connect your iPhone and Android phone to one-click phone transfer tool and the program will automatically detects the phones.

4 Now select the image, file or data you want to transfer from iPhone to android and click on "start copy" button. A  popup message will inform you it has finished.

5 Now check your file or image and utilize it.

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Transfer data From iPhone To Android

Ok, we have seen the first step to transfer data from iPhone to Android. This second tutorial is the best, easy and fastest way to do the trick. Just the basic way, read on;

1. First, Connect your iPhone and Android to your PC via USB cable

2. On your Windows PC, open My Computer. You will see two new drives under "Portable Devices". One for your Android and the other for your iPhone. If you don’t see them, install the phone drivers.

3. Now open the Android’s storage in a new window.

4. Open your iPhone’s storage in a new window.

5. Locate the Android folder DCIM from your PC. You will see your pictures inside the DCIM folder.

6. Now select the pictures or photos you  want to transfer and drag them from the iPhone images folder and drop them onto your Android images folder.

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These are the 2 best ways to transfer files, data, photos or images from iPhone to Android easily 2018. Doing this, you will have no problem transfering files and you can store your files or game files to iPhone since it has more internal storage, so up to 32Gb.

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