MTN (Game+) Free Browsing Cheat Using XP Psiphon 2018

MTN Game + Free 1.5GB Cheat
Hello guys, today I want to teach you guys a new MTN cheat using XP Psiphon, this was discovered today, am pretty late in sharing this, was very busy, but that doesn't matter as of now. I have uploaded the apps and trick needed to establish the cheat
This tweak works very fast and it's stable, no Http injector settings that some bloggers set a timer when it will expire. This is a locked setting I configured and it works on XP Psiphon very fast just like the Trick to power all apps with MTN Whatsapp MB i shared on this website, it also works on SAS(Simple Android Server), AnonyTun and other Tweakware like VPN's from my test, but I won't share the proxy server and settings I used to avoid a violation.

The cheat works with the latest Game plus free MB from MTN and it's not unstable on Xp Psiphon. This process is very easy and I will make it simpler, below are the trick to get free Mb from MTN and free N500 Airtime as well.


1. There is a keyword I don't want to mention on my blog, so just send the "Keyword" to 2200 as seen below.
MTN Music + 150MB

2. MTN game plus will send you a message welcoming you that you have received Free 150MB.

3. To check your free MB dial *559#

MTN Music + 1500MB

Now, you have seen your free MB, it is time to accumulate the MB and get more.


1. After you have been given the free 150MB, Send "STOP" to 2200

2. Now, MTN will inform you; "You have successfully un-subscribe from Game+"

MTN Music Plus free MB

3. Now Send the "Keyword" i told you above. You will be given another 150Mb making it, 300MB.

MTN Music + free N500

4. Keep subscribing and un-subscribing and get more MB. 

Now note!! If you accumulate up to 1500MB, stop there, don't accumulate again, if not, you will be black-listed by MTN.

So, if you were thinking of using SMS bomber, don't use it. If you are already blacklisted, wait till after 24 Hours, then you can now subscribe to it again and it will work. Like I said, don't accumulate more than 1.5GB a day. Now how to use MTN Game+ and power all apps 


1. Download XP Psiphon App
Power MTN Music + with xp psiphon

3. Install and open the VPN 

4. Now Locate and Import the config using the plus sign on your right screen 
(Click here to know how to Import Config on XP Psiphon)

Config Password: UcheTechsBlog2018

5. Now go to "Settings" and input;
  • Host Address:
  • Port: 8080
Under, "Connect through an HTTP Proxy"

5. Now click on connect, and wait for it to connect.
Game+ Xp Psiphon cheat settings

6. Connected. Remember it is capped at 1500MB for 1 week.

This is how to Get free 150MB, N500 Airtime and power all apps with Music+ using XP Psiphon. Remember, no private chat, ask your question below, no ReCaptcha, or puzzle or any verification, Comment is easy.


  1. What is the password of the config file plz?

  2. Thanks boss.. It works... After exhausted dis 1500mb.. Will o wait after a week b4 trying to get another 1500mb right?

  3. official Xander reignsDecember 16, 2017

    The config is encrypted wit password,what is the password?

    1. Did you even finish reading the article? The passowrd is on "Quotes"

  4. Very nice one... Conects with ease. For those asking for the password to the configuration file, it's on the post too. Just try to read thru to the end. I know we're anxious to get started and enjoy this new tweak before anything happens to it lol... Also there's an advice on the amount of Data we can accumulate to avoid being blacklisted. It's important. Once again big shout out to Mr Uche for always getting us stuff like this to keep the Internet activities ongoing!! Cheers!!

  5. it is showing couldn't connect 1/0:socket closed

    1. It is working very fast here, just make sure you follow the tutorial closly

  6. Guys, if your own takes time to connect, just change the server location to USA.

  7. Where can i download d config file

  8. It's slow here, don't know, what am I doing wrong

  9. Uche I can't find xp psiphon with this lofo on google play store and i didn't get the 150mb after sending the keyword to 2200. Has it been blocked?

    1. Hi "Etop Offiong",

      XP Psiphon is not on Google Playstore, there are several version online, but i uploaded the app here, it's more safer

  10. Their system tried charging me but I had no airtime money on my line.

    1. Hi again,

      The free subscription has been stopped by MTN, which they now charge N150 for 150MB. But the settings is still working for users who accumulated the MB. If you still want to subscribe to Game+, you can power all apps with xp psiphon via it's config file.

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