Whatsapp Might Be Unavailable on your Blackberry and Windows Phone on Dec 31 2017

Whatsapp have finnally decided that they wil end support for Both Windows and blackberry phones. Although this is not the first time we are hearing this, this developement might be serious, since they regularly give a notice on each of the phone's whatsapp accounts.

Whatsapp Stopped working on Blackberry and Windows Phone

Whatsapp set to end support for older BB10, Blackberry OS e.g Blackberry passport and Windows phones running on 8.0 and older as of December 31, 2017.

This means you woun't be able to download whatsapp or even create or open the application on any of this devices that whatsapp set to end support on.

This will surely be a big blw to it's users as they can't actually understand why they set to stop whatsapp working on these devices. Not long ago, microsoft admited that the Windows Phone is dead, meaning that they will not update the phone or support it again.

So this means you have to try and get an Android Phone which can be used for whatsappfor free. No one knows how things might later turn out. It may not be stopped like last year or it may be. Let's just stay updated on the latest Tech News.


  1. I don't know why they insulted their own phone. People makes too much mistake in life. They don't think twice before making decisions. Very bad for a big company like them

  2. What a sad news, blackberry is being used across the world, so why will they just end support for the phone just like that. The one that i don't like is the blackberry passport. That's a new phone so why end support so early?

  3. That is what they keep saying Jarre. They might still extend it.

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