9Mobile To Be Sold On 16 January 2018. Officially Confirmed

    9Mobile will be sold out on the 16th of January this year 2018 as approved by NCC. This will be a big blow to its loyal subscribers. The Telecom hasn't been stable since the change of name last year. They will be sold to Globalcom.
    9Mobile Sold to Glo

    Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) stated;  They will not extend the date they will sell 9mobile to Glo.

    The NCC Executive Commissioner and Stakeholder Management confirmed that the handover and transactions of 9mobile to the new buyer must be concluded on the 16th of January, 2018.

    Globacom might now the largest telecommunication network after the purchase of 9mobile this month. They will now have access to their database and information.

    This might now be that good, but let's see if 9mobile will be able to make the network fast for its users.

    Tell me your opinions to this?


    1. Chaii, this is really a sad news

    2. They might disable data like the way they did on their Glo sims, ohhh :[

      1. david ChinekeJanuary 11, 2018

        True or false? I don't think they will do that so that's false. If they do that, then this poor service will definitely contaminate 9mobile

      2. That is the fear of many

    3. Finally, cheat wil not be hard to come by. Thanks for the news bro

    4. chinedu okwaraJanuary 11, 2018

      Which kind rough play be this, hope this is not true oh. 9mobile just gone like that..... Please oh