TorGuard VPN Review - Free Browsing, 50% Off, Hide IP

Do you need the best VPN that offers everything you need - Anonymity, Privacy, Automatic server updates, encrypts your browsing, and gives you unlimited browsing with the fastest connection and speed? Check out the best VPN of 2020.

TorGuard VPN Review 2018 - best vpn

This is the best VPN I have used so far, it offers all that I need and the best part is that it is affordable to use. I used the VPN to encrypt my browsing data. With this, you can search keywords in google and no website will be able to completely know what you searched for. I also noticed I can visit restricted and blocked websites or web pages using Torguard.

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Torguard also hides your IP address from attacks, this means you are safe online and no one can threaten you with your location. Not all know the benefit and importance of hiding your IP, there are many. If for instance, you visit a webpage that has been flagged as infected, you don't need to fear that your PC can be attacked or that your data can be collected, because the VPN will block any contact with the site and all information will be safe.


Global Vpn Service

✔ Get up to 5 simultaneous connections on all your devices

✔ Premium VPN Service for as low as $4.99 / month

✔ Access 3000+ Anonymous VPN’s in over 50 countries

✔ Automatically Update newest TorGuard Servers

✔ TorGuard app supports OpenVPN on Android

✔ Unblock censorship anywhere in the world

✔ Fully encrypt your downloads/browsing

✔ Fast connections with 100% Uptime

✔ Unlimited Bandwidth and Speeds|

✔ 24/7 365 Support For Help


TorGuard VPN Review - price

TorGuard’s basic evaluation starts at $9.99 for its VPN service. The Anonymous Proxy service costs $5.95 a month while Private Email costs $6.95 a month and Smart DNS $5.95 a month.TorGuard additionally has dedicated IP addresses for $7.99 per month which could be useful for those looking to set up game servers or use specific websites that work well with one IP address.

While TorGuard’s basic VPN service is a little bit more expensive than a few other competitors, it’s numerous services with fair pricing provide a great model for any user. They also has an affordable package at $19.99 with 3-months validity - $29.99 for a six-month subscription - $59.99 annual.

TorGuard has numerous payment methods;
  • Gift cards 
  • Bitcoin.
  • A cryptocurrency (Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Zcash, DogeCoin, Monero, BlackCoin, NavCoin, Novacoin, PIVX, Peercoin, Startcoin, Vertcoin, CloakCoin, Namecoin, Nxt, Potcoin, Steem Dollars, VeriCoin, WorldCoin, Primecoin).



TorGuard is offering 50% off when you use coupon code: TGLifetime50

TorGuard Price


TorGuard Free Browsing Cheat 2018

TorGuard can be used to browse for free on all Networks in Nigeria and other African Networks. I have tested the browsing trick using their premium service. Their service is very affordable, I recommend you buy their plans which is as low as $5.99 ( N2,162) per month - unlimited bandwidth.

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➤ After you have purchased any of their plans, here is how to use their free bandwidth (free data)

➤ Have at least little data on your Network

➤ Login to your premium TorGuard account

➤ Now select any location you want to be displayed as your IP

➤ Connect to TorGuard Vpn - fast connection

Now you will be using their free bandwidth to browse and stream movies for free.

TorGuard offers so many connection options that you can use to make sure you get what you want, also they have stealth connection which makes your VPN connection invisible to Network Operators. This is the best stealth VPN you need to use daily if you need to use a Vpn and don't get noticed. They have Stealth VPN technology that works through their OpenConnect VPN Stealth VPN which, according to TorGuard, is impossible to block


TorGuard VPN Dedicated ip


From my test using the Vpn, I noticed that none of the servers were overloaded, i.e server full. They connect immediately I hit the connect button. They also have "Protocol" options; UDP & TCP. Many encryption options can be selected, like the ones below.

TorGuard Vpn servers

They also show you your current IP and is being used at the moment. Using TorGuard there will be no leaks at all. You are free like a bird.


TorGuard VPN Review 2018 - PC windows

TorGuard VPN also has an app for computer users so you can gain all the benefits like that of the Android application. You can kill scripts, and stop autostart apps. Also, prevent apps to work when the VPN has been disconnected. The Pc software has so many features and settings to prevent any IP leakage.

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Below are some images and features of TorGuard VPN for PC;

TorGuard Pc review

TorGuard vpn for pc

TorGuard Vpn features

Donot use TorGuard VPN for anything ilegal, this information is for educational and legal purposes. Please be guided.


TorGuard is the best VPN service I have used so far. They hide your browsing data and make all activity online unseen. They are really encouraging. I must recommend you try them out at ones. Their plans are very affordable and they offer you what you pay for.


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