15 Best Free Browsing Apps 2021 for MTN, Airtel, Glo, Cell-C, 9Mobile

What really are the best free browsing cheat apps in 2021? There are many, I've reviewed the best based on my experience, the current working VPNs, and the ones that previous work, though they are still functioning if you have the right configuration settings. Their VPNs work for MTN, Cell C, Airtel, Glo, Vodafone, 9Mobile, Orange, Flow, Digicel, Telkomsel, SUN, and lots more. So what are you waiting for, check out the 12 best free browsing cheat applications?
Best Free Browsing Cheat Apps

Free browsing VPNs are known to be made mostly for Android users, iOS users don't have an App store version of such apps, developers don't create such VPNs because it is difficult, also I see no reason for someone with iOS looking for Free browsing since they should be rich enough to get themselves expensive data bundles, so Android users are the ones benefiting from these free browsing apps. Nevertheless, there was a VPN that worked for both OS, it was Sky VPN, which worked on Glo Nigeria providing unlimited access to the internet with no configuration settings.

With the help of free browsing apps, it is easier to bypass your ISP restrictions by gaining unlimited or meaningfully capped data for free without paying, most times it is also used to power app applications on your phone with a data subscription meant for social media or streaming only, such VPNs app are very helpful when it comes to this aspect. Though there are no dangers to such free browsing, such a VPN also masks your location access and provides a different one to your internet service provider.

These apps are general, o whether you want Nigerian free browsing cheat apps, Indonesian, South Africa, Ghana, or Philippines free internet app, then you should check out the well-reviewed list below you cannot find on any website on the internet, also these VPNs works for all countries especially if you know what you are doing.


1. Tweakware

Best Free Browsing Apps

Tweakware has been known to serve a very good purpose to many free internet users, this VPN has been helpful mostly to Ghanaians and Nigerians, it is known to work best on networks like Glo and MTN, while networks like Airtel has always been an issue connecting on the free browsing app.

Tweakware has both custom config and in-built configuration files, the inbuilt configuration files are updated only by the developers, it is easy to connect, all you do is choose the network you need for your country (if available) and then connect, it is a fast VPN.

But most times the developers might not have the host to free browsing of a country, for example, there was a time Nigeria had MTN free 1GB cheat (now 50MB Capped) and tweakware failed to update the in-built config, users who had the host was able to just use custom config set up by themselves and then connect the VPN to browse free, so this is some features tweakware is offering.

They also have free servers which are shared while there are also premium servers used only by individuals, it is not free and it is usually renewed monthly, if you choose the free plan you will be limited to 350MB daily even if you config is unlimited, but you can get away with that by just disconnecting and connecting the VPN again.

- Download Tweakware

2. Stark VPN

Best Free Browsing Apps
Stark VPN

Tweakware and Stark VPN are alike in features, they almost get config updated at the same time, some people prefer stark VPN because it is faster and stable, also when tweakware 9mobile 60MB Capped free browsing config stops working, stark VPN always have a way around it, theirs seems to stop at a later time, but as of recent both VPNs has not gotten any update for months now making people suspect the free browsing cheat apps are from the same developers, well that's just their thoughts knowing how close this VPN is when it comes to updating config.

The developers iStark has a new updated Stark VPN Reloaded, the difference is not much, the UI are almost the same, but this app is light weighted, support compression, easy to use and consumes less battery, the tweaks are the same as the first version, but if you need a totally different free browsing cheat app from iStark, then you should try combo VPN, though it's a modded version of AnonyTun, it works great.

- Download Stark VPN

3. HTTP Injector

HTTP Injector is for experts, if you don't know what you are doing you can never get your host working on this free internet app. HTTP Injector has advanced settings, it can be used to unblock a blocked website, browse free, and also boost your internet connection. This app allows you to scan hosts and see it's connection status, it can be used to know if a connection is 200 Ok, to know its port as well. There is also a lite version of this app, it consumes less data, memory, and battery work best for low-end devices not capable of running the official version.
See Also: How To Create a Working Payload and SSH Account on HTTP Injector
HTTP Injector has different Tunnel types for free browsing such as HTTP Proxy + SSH, SSH, Shadowsocks, DNS Tunnel, and SSL (TLS). This VPN is the safest if you want to hide your configuration file from sniffers or host stealers, it offers a function to lock your config file totally, it can also be locked based on a rooted device or Hardware ID of a device. Also, no one can easily claim your file because they offer a text area that allows you to link to your website or social media followers with a clickable link, or you can leave an important update concerning the settings.

- Download HTTP Injector

4. Syphon G Kings

This VPN became popular when it was the only working VPN for MTN 1GB capped when other free browsing cheat VPN like tweakware and the likes stopped working. Syphon G Kings VPN has a simple configuration, it is easy to set up your config, it doesn't have complex settings and all its server are very fast and trustworthy, currently, it still works, unlike simple Android server, though there is a Nigeria free browsing Simple Android server is currently working for in Nigeria I am making use of.

Syphon G KIngs premium worked for Vodafone ShowTime Bundle a few years back, it was used to power all apps and browse unlimited in Ghana. The VPN has over 8.5k downloads since 2017, many benefited from this VPN, still works in Nigeria as well for 50MB capped and Airtel internet trick.

- Download Syphon G Kings

5. eProxy

eProxy is known to be faster than HTTP Injector, though not a good as Spark VPN, this VPN works just perfectly, it has configuration lock as well, you can set up an expiry date for your config, lock it for a rooted device, also choose a text to be displayed, scan config QR code for sharing and so much more. eProxy is the best free browsing app in Nigeria, e.t.c when it comes to battery saver, it doesn't consume battery nor force closes or makes the device heat up.

eProxy also supports HTTP Injector payload settings, you can just set up a payload and copy it on eProxy, it will connect. The VPN is just 4.3MB, but it has not been updated since 2018 when it got its popularity due to massive usage on countries for free browsing. They also have another VPN called HTTP Custom, it once worked, though with the right settings you can get up and running again.

- Download eProxy

6. Spark VPN

Spark VPN Config File For MTN
Free Browsing Cheat Apps

Unfortunately, Spark free browsing app is no longer on Google Play store, just as I was writing this review I noticed it could not be found again, obviously, a policy was violated and it got removed from Google Play, but you can still get it below. it's just 3.36MB. Spark VPN is the fastest free browsing app 2020 for MTN, Airtel, Glo, Cell-C, 9Mobile, also the log is very easy to understand, you get a piece of clear information why your settings failed to connect.

Spark VPN Protect your online privacy, makes your browsing safe, keep your location private, It boosts Internet speed, and save your bandwidth by compressing data and using the appropriate protocol ( DNS/UDP / TLS) which is fast in your network, Makes your internet surfing experience better.

- Download Spark VPN

7. KPN Tunnel Revolution

Spark VPN Config File for MTN
Free Browsing Cheat Apps

KPN is usually compared with HTTP Injector, many votes for KPN Tunnel Rev with their reasons such as it is faster and stable. This VPN also worked for MTN mPulse and MTN 1GB capped free browsing in the past, it connected fast and the payload used on the free browsing app could also be used on other supported payload generating VPN.

They also offer many connection modes such as Direct Proxy, Direct SSL/TLS, HTTP Proxy, SSL/TLS Proxy, SSL/TLS Proxy > HTTP Proxy, also if your device is a rooted phone, you can get a big feature like VPN Tether (bypass all Hotspot Tether through Vpn Interface), you can use your free data on the VPN powered by your settings to power all programs on your computer/PC.

- Download KPN Tunnel Rev

8. AnonyTun

Best Free Browsing Apps
Free Browsing Cheat Apps

When it comes to the most popular free browsing apps, AnonyTun must be listed. AnonyTun has been known to work on many countries for free browsing cheat, it is free to get and has strong servers. The developers also created new VPNs which can be used to get more strong servers, such apps are - ShellTun and OpenTun VPN.

AnonyTun doesn't have in-built config unlike Tweakware and Stark VPN and it contains so many ads, that is one problem people doesn't like about the app, and this resulted to a modded version know as AnonyTun pro which contains no advertisement.

- Download AnonyTun

9. Samsung Max

Best Free Browsing Apps
Free Browsing Cheat Apps

Samsung Max surprising has to be mentioned as a free browsing app, this VPN is meant to lower data usage on Samsung devices and other support phones, but it was confirmed to work for MTN mPulse browsing by powering apps without any settings, Samsung Max doesn't have any settings and it worked perfectly on MTN Nigeria, that is the same case for Sky Vpn which worked for Glo unlimited free browsing cheat a few years back.

Samsung Max shouldn't have been mentioned, but it currently still works for MTN mPulse, so you should try it out!

- Download Samsung Max

10. UC Mini Handler

Best Free Browsing Apps
image credit: techmaniya.in

There was a time UC Mini Handler worked for Glo and guess what, it was unlimited free browsing, it was discovered it could browse free on the handler and therefore we used it to gain free internet access. This is one of the best free browsing cheat apps because it is fast in loading pages and downloaded, also during the era of this free browsing, it worked only on the handler, it could not power all applications, and also other VPNs were not able to use the working host, so UC Mini Handler or UC Super Mod was used for browsing and downloading on websites.

This is a modded app so it cannot be seen on Google Play, to download it, get it from the direct link below, it contains the second version also, so choose the one you want.

- Download UC Mini Handler
- Download UC Super Mod

11. Touch VPN

Best Free Browsing Apps

2020 was the year Touch VPN was first known to be a free browsing app, it worked for 9Mobile Social ChatPak 2.5GB without the need of a configuration file. Though it is now slow due to the number of users using the app immediately I shared it, Touch VPN connects easily with one Tap, your connection is also secured, it also unblocks websites and applications.

Touch VPN can be tested on other networks to know if it can work for free on such apps, they offer many servers like Sweden, United Kingdom, Denmark, France, United States, Netherlands, and Canada.

- Download Touch VPN

12. XP Psiphon

xp psiphon mtn import config

XP Psiphon is another VPN created by Dzeeb the owner of Psiphon VPN, this VPN has a nice design and very fast in connecting. XP Psiphon free browsing app was once used to power MTN Game+, Power MTN Whatsapp Bundle and browse free. The settings option are simple, you can use XP Generator to create your custom settings to browse free. Also, you can lock it to the rooted device, set an expiry date and add custom text. The VPN is free to download, it also doesn't contain many ads, and also no in-built config but it is a fast VPN when it comes to the best free browsing apps in 2020.

- Download XP Psiphon

13. YourFreedom VPN

Best Free Browsing Apps

Two months ago, this VPN finally became useful, it was used to browse free on Glo and also Ntel SIM. But you should note YourFreedom is extremely slow, it isn't fast and so not reliable. When there are massive users on a single config, their service is rendered almost unusable.

YourFreedom VPN has inbuilt config just like few mentioned VPN here, you could also set up the configuration yourself and export it for share so others can import the config for free browsing.

- Download Yourfreedom VPN

14. Hammer VPN

Best Free Browsing Apps

Hammer VPN discovered by us worked for MTN free browsing, it was initially capped at 300MB due to the free servers until premium servers were purchased. This free browsing app was used for 2 weeks by me and I shared it to few of our telegram group followers until I decided to make it public, obviously, it couldn't last, the developers banned our country due to the massive violation of their policy, but it was really a good vpn as it lasted.

Also, Hammer VPN cannot be seen on Google Play again, so you will have to use the provided direct download link below.

15. Opera Mini Handler

Best Free Browsing Apps

Opera Mini Handler worked for Airtel Nigeria around 2018/2019 calendar, you could you can browse for free without data or airtime using Opera Handler browser for Android which is similar to Uc mini handler that doesn't power all apps and it only works on the handler. Using free Facebook and opera mini services it was possible to browse free until you exhaust your daily capped data of 30 - 50MB. With the right settings, it is still possible to make use of these free browsing cheat apps on any network regardless of your country.

- Download Opera Mini Handler

Other Cool Free Browsing VPN Not Mentioned:

  • UT Loop VPN
  • Ultra Surf  VPN
  • Yoga VPN
  • Inf VPN
  • WhatsVPN
  • Office VPN
  • V2Ray by UTLoop
  • 51 VPN
  • Thunder VPN



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