MTN 0.00k Free Browsing available on Tweakware's Latest Internal Tweak

Tweakware recently updated their app after 6 months+ without any update and Tweaks available for their users. The new Tweak comes with MTN Free browsing which is now easier to setup Tweakware and browses free on MTN.
MTN 0.00k Free Browsing Via Tweakware VPN 2019

The new Tweakware update on Google Play Store confirms it comes with new tweaks options which include MTN Free browsing and it finally fixed and added a menu button located at the top right hand of the app which refreshes tweaks for new updates.

In Addition, Tweakware added new Free server primary host which has fast speed, especially when used to browse free on MTN. The new Tweak on Tweakware comes with 4 new servers for MTN Ng 0.00kb Free browsing which allows multiple selections based on the one that works just fine for you.

When Tweakware connects for MTN 0.00 Free browsing, you'll notice the VPN tells you 350MB can be used a day. This doesn't mean the Tweak is capped at 350Mb, rather this means if you are connected to a host or tweak that the data cap is more than the allowed usage of Tweakware, you will be limited.

So far, I have been able to use more than 43MB on tweakware's MTN Free Browsing while writing this post which might mean it is the same MTN 50MB Capped we have been using for quite some time - See Screenshot Below.

MTN Tweakware Free Browsing

Below are the requirements for MTN Free browsing Via Tweakware from September to October 2019.


Note: If you used the Page Jump, you have missed important details, scroll back up and read this post carefully because answered questions will not be replied.

OS: Android

Version: 4.0 and up

RAM: 200MB and Up

APP: Tweakware VPN

Network: MTN or MTN 4G

APN: Default

Internet: 3G or 4G

These are the minimum requirements confirmed by which you must have in other to benefit from this new MTN 0.00k Free browsing this September 2019 while just beneath contains the settings.

MTN Free Browsing Settings for Tweakware VPN in September

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1. Get Tweakware VPN Latest version installed on your Android device.

2. OPEN the app and wait for Tweakware to Refresh Tweaks.

3. Select the Tweak Icon and Choose any of the 4 MTN Ng 0.00kb Free servers.
- Unselect Tweakware Custom Settings.

MTN Tweakware Free Browsing

4. Turn ON your MTN Data Services and the Click on CONNECT in Tweakware.

5. Give it like 2-3 seconds to connect or choose another Tweak Server if it is slow in connecting.

MTN Tweakware Free Browsing

6. When it Connects, you will be told you have 350MB Daily - Ignore because it is capped at 50MB per day for the host (MTN1APP.MTN.COM).

How To Create My Own Custom Tweak for Tweakware

If you want to learn how to create your own Custom Settings without having to make use of this method, click HERE.

The benefit of creating a Custom Tweak on Tweakware is that you can Export the settings and share with friends or a large social media group rather than telling them how to do it which might cause confusions.

Things to Note

  • This MTN 0.00k Free Browsing is not Unlimited.
  • It is not a New Tweak.
  • It is Capped at 50MB Daily (Refreshes daily).
  • If you do not use your 50MB today, it will not roll over to the next day.
  • If it doesn't connect, choose another Tweak Server.
These are all you need to know while using Tweakware MTN Free Browsing on your Android Phones. This is manageable, I thought many people weren't using this tweak until I saw some members on Whatsapp complaining the Tweak has stopped.

If you've noticed, I added new Share Buttons on this blog like Whatsapp and Telegram, make sure you share this with friends because they will appreciate this good news now it still works.

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