App Not Installed Solution on Android Oreo (8)+, (4.0+)

Learn how to Fix App Not Installed on Android devices easily. This can happen on any android device and there are causes and solution to fix this error.
Fix (App Not Installed) on Android

It may interest you to know this error is very annoying and can cause you to regret having the phone you are currently using. I remember facing this error constantly on my Samsung device when i try installing apps like Lucky Patcher or any modified Apk.

If you are also facing this, then it is time to seek the final solution to this error which prevents you from using certain apps.

App Not Installed Causes (2019 Updated)

1. Insufficient storage space

This is rare but when you have low storage space on your internal memory, you are certain to get app not installed notification because low storage prevents the app from completing its installation.

2.  Corrupted app or apk file

This means that the application you downloaded or file didn't complete to 100% and was interrupted. Some file hosting servers might have a complete file but when you are downloading and have slow internet or issues arises from their end, your file will not complete and will not install.

3. Incorrect app install location

Why this is among the list is because some folders on your device might be at "read-only" which means new files cannot be added there only read. Downloading files or media to such locations is in vain as they will not install on Android.

4. Installation on a mounted SD card

If your phone doesn't support installing apps on SD Card such as Huawei, then you will get this error. Phones that support this method of installing is Infinix, so they have no problem getting it working on their mobile phones.

5. Apk signature/certificate clash

This is the most common reason for the error when an app signature is the same as another, Android will prevent the app from being installed. This is as a result of trying to install a modded version of an original application.
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Fortunately, there are fixes and solutions, you can just do the reverse of the causes above, but there are more to that. Lets now see some free fix of this error message

How To Fix App Not Installed 2019

1. Reboot the device

This seems like an easy thing to do, well, yes it is. This method solves many of Android problems such as "unfortunately system UI has stopped" or Processor has stopped working e.t.c. With this simple method, you can stop your phone from not installing any app at command.

2. Make sure to uninstall any apps

Some apps might prevent the installation of new applications on your device, so if you remember what you downloaded or installed before experiencing the error, take it off your phone. Using Anti Virus is also recommended too.

3. Try resetting app permissions

Go to phone settings > Apps > Permissions. Now make sure permission to access folder is enabled. If you have altered with the device permission and do not know which to enable, reset it to default and try installing the app giving you issues.

4. Factory Reset SD Card

This might be where the problem is from if you noticed when you unmount your SD card, the error seems to stop whereas if it is mounted, it continues. You should format your memory card to default if you want your phone running the way it is meant to.

5. Flash Device

This is the final solution if after applying these previous 4 steps until now and it didn't' still fix the error. Flashing your unrooted phone should definitely remove any hard to deal with virus on your phone. When done, now you can install any app without facing app not installed ever again.

I'll like to know which method worked for you and if yours was fixed with another, which method was used too.

Kindly share this post because this is a general issue and now i have shared the solution. Problem solved.


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