Explained Difference Between Stock Rom and Custom ROM

Now, you will know the difference between Stock Rom and Custom ROM on Android devices. Many hear this words without knowing the meaning. If you need another new look on your smartphone or improvements then you must come across the word "Rom".
Difference Between Stock Rom and Custom ROM
What is Stock Rom and Custom ROM

ROM Simply means of stands for "Read-Only Memory". This is different from a Phone's Ram. The Rom covers so many inbuilt files that come with the phone, like an example is the Phone storage while the Ram which means "Read Access Memory" is what your smartphone uses to run background apps and increase phone experience.


Stock ROM Firmware comes with new Android devices and is the default for all smartphones. They come with limited functionalities that only what the manufactural wants the device to do can be done. For example, controlling another device remotely can't be done but installing a Custom Rom which comes with root privileges.

With your Android device default Stock Rom, you can trust your device and it isn't vulnerable to threats and viruses than when you use Custom Rom. You will also have the benefit of utilizing premium apps on the device and best of all, your phone warranty can't be void.

Note: Rooting your Android device without using a custom ROM i.e using an Android application like Kingroot is still considered as a Custom Rom because you have modified the system files and you now have full access that the manufactural intended you not to have.


After reading the third paragraph about Stock Rom, you should have little idea about what A Custom ROM Firmware should mean. Anyway, a Custom Rom is a developed firmware which isn't created officially by these companies but is fan made. These Custom Rom comes with cool features, Updated Android look, and easy root privileges.


Custom Rom is available for Tablets, Android, Smartwatches and other Android Os devices. Custom Roms comes with cool benefits like they are regularly updated than Stock Roms and they improve the device performance than that of the default Rom.

There is a full and easy to understand meaning of Custom Rom and meaning of Stock Rom. Do you want to know how to find the best and Install stock or custom rom?, comment below and don't forget to share!


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