Spark VPN Settings to Power All Apps with MTN mPulse Data

    Spark VPN is another Tunneling app that works just like HTTP Injector and other related VPN like Syphon G kings. With the help of Spark VPN Config File, we can power all apps with MTN Nigeria mPulse latest data plan MB to download with full speed.

    Spark VPN Settings Config Mtn Mpulse

    The should be the first time you are hearing of Spark VPN app on our website and we are going to utilize it first and this time, it will be used on MTN mPulse Data. Meanwhile, I have already provided the latest MTN mPulse Config for Http Injector Vpn which is currently working for Rooted and Non-rooted devices, but this VPN - Spark VPN was made available by me to increase the speed of your browsing and downloading.

    Also, if you are new to this MTN Free browsing and also the MTN mPulse Plan which I kept mentioning, then you need to be informed. MTN mPulse is a new data plan from MTN which offers the cheapest plans you can see in any Network currently. It gives you 1.2GB for N150 for 1 Month and N50 for 350MB. It can only be used on their main site but with the help of Tunneling apps and some configurations by me, you can browse and download with the MB.

    To learn more about MTN mPulse Data Plans, click HERE.

    Now let's head over to the main Topic, focusing on how to use MTN MPulse Data to Download 2018. I have provided Latest September 2018 Config/ Settings for MTN mPulse.


    MTN Sim Card
    MTN Sim with at least N200
    An Android device
    3G/4G Device


    Spark VPN MTN Cheat

    1. Download and Install Spark VPN Latest version

    2. Download Latest Spark VPN Config on Telegram Channel HERE

    3. Now launch your SPARK VPN App and Click Tweaks

    4. Generally, you are supposed to see the Download MTN mPulse Configuration, but if you didn't, no problem, do this;
    • Click on the green Arrow facing towards the left
    • Now, click it again to head to your device's SDcard
    • Now locate the location where you download the File to.
    • Finally, click Import.
    Spark VPN Mtn mPulse Settings config

    5. Click Start and wait for it to connect. Boom! You're done!


    Root: Works on rooted devices and Non-Rooted
    Date Created: 25 oct
    Date Expired: 1st-nov-2018
    Config Date: 6 Days Config

    Note: Sometimes, due to server issue, the Spark  VPN mPulse Config might Not connect immediately, so you have to keep trying to get it connected. Also, ones the Config expires, head back here for the latest

    This Configuration File for Spark VPN App was discovered by UcheTechs. Credits will be appreciated!

    We have a Telegram Channel where all our Free browsing Config Files are being shared daily globally, and when I say globally, it means that Ghana, India, Kenya, and other countries are included.

    We are always working hard to provide you with the latest Free Internet trick on your country. Enjoy and share!