Airtel India Syphon G Kings 2018 Free Internet Trick Settings

    Airtel Free Internet Trick for India is now available on Airtel Bharti. This is still working and it has been tested by our Gurus to be working. We are utilizing Syphon G Kings 2018 VPN to browse free using a proxy server.

    Airtel India Free Internet 2018
    Airtel Bharti Free Internet

    This is our First post related to Airtel India Free internet and I assure you, more tweaks are coming. First of all, this tweak wasn't discovered by us, but more research was done on how to tweak this on Syphon G kings.

    Airtel India users can browse and download free without paying a dim for data on their Android or iOS devices. Also, iOS users can benefit from this Airtel free internet trick in India to browse free ones they have Psiphon installed on their device. HTTP Proxy and Port aren't needed so when you download the official Psiphon for iOS, it can be easy to set this up using only the proxy server.

    Now, before heading to the settings, I want you all to know be aware of our Telegram channel where we share Internet trick for free daily. Join Now!


    1. Your Airtel Bharti sim card with zero data and No Airtime
    2. An Android device, iOS or PC
    3. Your Syphon G Kings 2018 or any tunneling app

    Airtel Bharti India Syphon G Kings 2018 Settings


    1. Use the default APN Settings

    2. Download Syphon G Kings 2018 Apk Here

    3. Install the app and launch it.

    4. On the First Screen, Configure it like this;

    Airtel india psiphon settings

             Remove Port: Tick it
             Proxy type: Real host
             Custom Header: X-Online-Host
             Proxy Server:
             Real Proxy: No Proxy

    5. Now save the settings and it will connect immediately.

    Airtel Bharti  Syphon G kings settings

    Now you can browse, download and stream videos for free without paying just for free until the host gets blocked.

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    Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only! You are solely responsible for your action becuase UcheTechs only drop such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities.

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