Working Glo Free Browsing Via Your Freedom VPN For February 2020

Glo Free Browsing Via Your Freedom VPN still working as of now, been around for weeks. I decided to share it for you all so you can benefit from it and have a thorough knowledge of what the Glo Your Freedom VPN Browsing is all about.
Glo Free Browsing Via Your Freedom VPN

I finally had the time to test this Glo Free Browsing and it actually works perfectly, only if you are in a location where Glo Network coverage is great. This VPN helps you browse free, it is even unlimited, it powers all applications and connects instantly.

Now, this is the reason I delayed in sharing this, Glo YourFreedom VPN Trick isn't reliable, it is slow and the speed can only be improved when you use the VPN's premium account. But some also said there is no much difference on either side, what is important is having a strong internet connection.


  • Your Freedom VPN
  • Android
  • Glo N100 for 1GB Bundle (Optional)
  • Premium YourFreedom vpn (Optional)
  • Glo 4G sim (Recommended)
  • N0.00k SIM

Your Freedom VPN Settings For Glo Unlimited Cheat

  1. Download YourFreedom vpn
  2. Import this Config File via Configure > Backup/Restore > Load Config
  3. Open on browser
  4. Create an account, you can sub premium if you want, it Cost $2.
  5. Add your account username and password and click on Start Connection.

This is all you need to do to get the Glo Free browsing connected, also there might be an issue you might face, which is activating and stabilizing your Glo Data connection. Glo made it hard for some sim to activate data connection when they do not have an active subscription, so here is how to get it working.

Force Glo Data On on No Subscription

Easy, Subscribe to Glo 1GB for N100 night bundle which will last 5 days, can be used 12 to 5 AM within this validity. When you choose to subscribe to this plan, your data will be activated throughout your Glo Night bundle 5 days journey. It can not browse after 5AM but it will still activate, we use this for the Your Freedom VPN, you get it?

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Let me know via the comment section. Share and thanks for visiting.


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