Ntel Unlimited Free Browsing Data (0.00k) Using YourFreedom VPN

If you are using Ntel Sim Card, you can now browse unconfined for free without paying a dim. The VPN you will make use of is called YourFreedom VPN, it is available for Android devices, helps make your Ntel SIM Browse, Chat, Download, and Stream for free.
Ntel Free Browsing YourFreedom VPN

Ntel 4G doesn't support all locations, Lagos is currently supported, you can download and stream with good speed, i.e if you have the sim card. This method shared is currently working, also you should know it can get blocked anytime, this is a bug from their end.

I decided to share this because of few of our followers complaining we haven't made mention of browsing tips for some time, in addition, there is Glo Free Browsing which works via YourFreedom VPN, but take note the upload and download is pretty slow, that why I haven't bothered mentioning it here, well, if it still works, I will share it for everyone to use.


  • Android Device
  • YourFreedom VPN App
  • Config file
  • Ntel SIM
In addition, you also need at least 1GB of RAM on your device so that yourfreedom vpn remains connected when you minimize the app. Something many users haven't noticed using a strong VPN before.

Ntel Unlimited YourFreedom VPN Settings For Unlimited Data

Ntel Free Browsing YourFreedom VPN

The settings for Ntel yourfreedom vpn unlimited data is easy since you will need just the config. Also, the speed isn't great if you are using the shared free account, but if you need a more personal server which is very fast, they offer premium features just like Hammer VPN.

Ntel Free Browsing YourFreedom VPN
  1. Download YourFreedom vpn for android and connect.
  2. Open www.your-freedom.net
  3. Create an account and subscribe to a premium plan like MobilePlus $2 via PayPalZ
  4. You can just use the free account without payment, but it might be slow.
  5. Download the Ntel Free Browsing Config for yourfreedom vpn.
  6. Now Re-open the VPN and click Configure > Backup/Restore > Load Config (Ntel).
  7. If you purchased the premium account, add it via Configure > Account Information.
  8. Open the main page and tap on Start Connection.
That's all for now, if you have any question let me know, I'll share another free browsing for a different network, hopefully, it will still be working.


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