Download Latest GB Instagram v1.30 Apk Android App

    There is a new update on GBInstagram which is GB Instagram version 1.30 Latest Apk download. This Mod update comes with cool features and new bug fixes from the previous v 1.20 on Android.

    Latest GB Instagram version 1.30 Apk

    Is GB Instagram safe to use GB Instagram is safe and there is no need to have any doubt A very good reason is that it is the same creator of GB WhatsApp that mod this app to bring cool features and awesome template to its users.

    Note that you can still use? your original Instagram account app with the Instagram Mod app together without any misunderstanding. GB Instagram has so many cool features like the ability to change main chat color, edit your theme, download videos and pictures, copy of comments, bio and much more as listed in Gb Instagram version 1.0.

    ChangeLog of GB Instagram Version 1.30

    1. Added Server Themes for In-App Download
    2. Added Options to Theme Profile Screen(Mod 6)
    3. Added Options to Theme Notifications Screen(Mod 5)
    4. Fixed White line on Home Screen
    5. Many More Fixes

    GB Instagram Download

    Always check back later for new updates to download and install GB INSTAGRAM on your Android Phone

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