How To Remove Background Image in Android

Remove background from image android app. Today, we shall see a trick to remove background image, white or any color in android 2018. This app works very easy and fast. It is easy to understand and you don't need to know much like that of Photoshop.

Remove Background Image

Easily Android remove background image programmatically in android without pc. We will utilize and Android app called Background Eraser. The app can be downloaded and install for free. Here is how to remove background image button android.

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Remove Background Image

Background Eraser is one of the best photo editing app for removing background image of any photo. It has over with 50 mil downloads. With this app you can, you can cut your pictures and make the background transparent.

There are many options in this android app for removing background image of any photo in android mobile.

You get manual mode and auto mode for making your photo background transparent in android mobile.

1.  Free download background eraser from Google Play Store.

Remove Background Image in Android

2. Launch this Android app on your phone & choose a picture

3. Crop your Photo in Background Eraser app.

4. Edit your Image view in Background Eraser App;

There is two option to edit the photo, one is auto while the other is manual. I recommend you use the manual with the Zoom option. This is so because you can accidentally erase wrong part of your photo.
Nevertheless, you can still undo the error by using the repair button.

5. Tap Done.
Now you successfully remove background image from your Android phone using background eraser.

Tip: You can add custom background on your edited photo using an android app called "Autodesk Pixlr

If you want to add your custom background to your edited photo. I recommend you to use Pixlr - Free Photo editor.

Remove Background Image in Android

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