Jabber client download Software For Windows

    Jabber client download for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP. One feature of Jabber server to read addresses from different messaging systems and know where they can be found. cisco jabber download is also available here. Here are what you should know.

    Jabber client download

    What is Jabber

    According to Wikipedia jabber is an Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol is a communications protocol for message-oriented middleware based on XML. Jabber enables the near-real-time exchange of structured yet extensible data between any two or more network entities.

    So from the definition, we can see that Jabber is a messaging app (Software). The app allows you to chat (text, video, audio and screen sharing).

    Download Jabber

    - Jabber client Free download

    How To Use Jabber

    - Download this PDF to learn

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