Whatsapp New Update: Spam Message Feature

    Whatsapp has yet again come up with a new feature which implies that they are working hard to stop whatsapp spam messages in groups and users as a whole.

    Whatsapp Spam Feature

    This new feature will let users know when a message was being forwarded and they will know which group it was from as well. Users might be able to still see the forwarded message from a group even if you are not in the group.

    The whatsapp message spam feature was spotted on the Wabetainfo tracker according to reports. The whatsapp update tracker claims that the feature was discovered on the whatsapp Android version 2.18.67 and that the feature will be disabled by default except activated.

    This new feature alongside others to be released by whatsapp are of high demands and we hope to see new development on this.

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