Google Latest Update on Chrome 66 For All Electronics Stops Video Autoplay

Now, the new updated Chrome 66 on Mac, Windows, Android, and Linux comes with new features and one is video play autoplay that is automatically disabled. This new update is stable and fully released.

Chrome 66 also comes with a new feature and this gives you the ability to export passwords. You can do that by heading to  Settings > Advanced > Passwords and forms > Manage passwords > Saved Passwords menu.

The main update which disables autoplay is the best. No more much data consumption, noise or annoying videos that autoplay in the background. We can remember this can be done manually, here. Now it is auto.

Google Chrome 66 for Android and iOS also can export passwords. On Android and iOS, you can see this option by tapping on the icon in the Passwords menu. Chrome will ask you to verify your identity through passcodes or facial recognition, etc.

Other several security fixes and bug fixes are included.


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