How to Turn Off Automatic Updates Android Google Play Store

    There are more than enough Android applications and games on your Android smartphone, so this means if we leave Auto-App Update on Google Play Store we will lose money and data. Now, I will teach you how to disable Auto-Update on Play Store easily.

    Do not auto-update apps Google Play

    Most times this updates occupies our Android internal storage space and wastes our data. And in some cases, this causes so devices to freeze. This is really a big problem, below is how to stop Google play from updating itself.

    Turn Off Auto-Updates Google Play Update List

    1. Open Google Play app in your android device.

    2. Swipe the left edge screen to right side screen. and hit Settings.

    3. Now a new panel opens on your phone, here you can see Google play store settings.

    4. Tap Auto-Update Apps option and select Do not auto-update apps.

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    With this method, you can simply disable automatic updates on your android phone. Now playstore will never auto-update without your permission. Don't forget to share!

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