Download Latest Telegram v4.8.11 Apk With New Features

Telegram has yet again come up with a new update and this time, the features are new and not update to an existing feature. On Telegram 4.8.11, you can  Revoke Message and more security updates which prevent users information like an email from displaying when sharing contacts.
Download Latest Telegram v4.8.11

You can download Telegram v4.8.11 Apk on Google Play Store or the Apple store at iTunes. This update also comes with 2X Playback Features, what this does is that users can now playback media like voice messages and videos faster than the normal speed or even slower like some Android phone does.

Telegram is still the best social media application now and I can't say they are worth competing with Whatsapp becuase their features are really mind-blowing. You can accommodate more than the default Whatsapp Group member limits from 256 to more than 10,000. That is really a huge number right...


1. You can now listen to voice and video messages twice faster than the normal speed.

2. Just like GBWhatsapp, you can now mark messages as either read or unread by holding on a chat. They also added a feature that can "Pin to top" chats, not only Groups.

3. Telegram v4.8.11 allows you to replace a media file like voice messages with another just like the edit post feature.

4. Improved security - Reduced pieces of information shared about a user when sharing a contact with a group or person.

5. You can now revoke or cancel sending a message before they are sent.

6. You can also create links in the formatting menu to make text URLs.

7. UX has been improved when browsing global search result.


Download Telegram V4.8.11 APK On Android
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  1. I agree with you, I love Telegram more than Whatsapp but people still use Whatsapp more.

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