Prank your Friends with Fake Windows 10, 7 and Mac PC Update

    Windows 10 is a very popular version and it is very interesting to know that you can easily prank your friends into thinking you updated your PC to Windows 10, Windows 8 / 7 or even windows mac. No software is needed for this Prank to work

    How to create windows fake update prank

    Like I said, to perform this prank, you don't really any software, all you need is just your computer's browser and a website. shows you a fake Windows or OSX Update screen and the prank sells well when you enable full screen on your PC.

    -( Windows Update Prank )

    In the Homepage of the website, you will see a lot of Fake Update Theme for Pranks and you can choose any for free. This Update will open on your browser and not on your PC.

    You can also press F11 to go to fullscreen mode in your browser to prevent your Friends from knowing you are on Chrome browser.

    Press Enter to Cause a (BSOD) Blue Screen of Death.


    Fake Window 7 Update
    On Windows

    • Visit (Chrome Recommended)
    • Click on the operating system of choice. You will see a fake windows update screen appear on your browser
    • Press F11 to put the browser in full-screen mode. (FN button + F11 also works)
    • Your pals will be like, this guy is a guru, lol.
    • To blow their minds, press the “Enter” key to see a fake blue screen of death appear.
    • Once you’re done with your prank, press F11 again to exit fullscreen.

    That's how to Create Fake update in Windows and Mac PC.

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    Below are some images of Windows Fake Update and Mac Updates on PC.

    Fake Window 7 BSOD from Pressing Enter Button

    Fake Blue Screen Death will display the most common Win 7 crash on your browser

    Prank Steam OS Install 

    Fake Prank Steam OS Install
    Prank Steam OS Install

    Fake Mac Update Error from Pressing Enter Button

    Fake Mac Update Error in your Browser will also be displayed.

    Fake Window 10 Update

    Fake Window 10 Update
    Fake Window 10 Update

    Fake PC Crash Prank

    Fake PC Crash Prank
    Fake PC Crash Prank
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