UPDATED: HTTP Injector Config For MTN N0.00k Unlimited Free Browsing

Like I promised, I will release the HTTP Injector Config for MTN Unlimited Free browsing cheat discovered by us recently. Not long ago, we released MTN Tweakware Config for MTN Unlimited free Internet trick which works perfectly. Now, it's time for the .Ehi for MTN Free browsing.

UPDATED CONFIG File >> 16-September-2018. MTN Http Injector Config File is now faster and stable. Download it below.
MTN Free Internet 2018
MTN Free Internet 2018 - Http Injector

This blog will keep providing and helping you all with MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile Free browsing cheat. Again and again, MTN Free browsing is blazing hot on HTTP Injector. Since we discovered this new MTN Cheat, I haven't stopped looking for new VPN to make you enjoy this MTN Free browsing to the fullest.

MTN Free browsing on HTTP Injector is unlimited, free and fast 2.5MB/S. It works on an N0.00 SIM and even if you have data on your MTN Sim, it will not be touched. Also, if you have MTN mPulse data, it will be touched so no way for you to use this unlimited till that has been exhausted.

MTN N0.00k Settings for HTTP Injector have been made easy by me and you don't actually need to configure anything yourself. Also, you will be provided with your own personal Config.


HTTP Injector App
MTN N0.00k Sim
Android device


1. Download HTTP Injector Latest version Above

2. Download MTN HTTP Injector Config

MTN Config Info;

Date Created : 16-September-2018
Date Expired : 23-September-2018
Root and Non-Root: Yes
Hotspot: Yes

Note: This is a 7 Days Config. This post will be updated with the latest MTN Config every week. Don't forget to head here for the latest.

3. Launch your HTTP Injector App

4. Tap on the A4 Paper Icon on the Top Left on the App
>> Two options will be displayed, "Import" and "Export" Config

MTN Unlimited Free Internet September

5. Click on "Import Config".

6. Now locate where you downloaded UcheTechs Config to and then tap it to import

HTTP Injector Config For MTN Free browsing

7. Now Make sure you read the Important information that came with the config. Ones down...

8. Click CONNECT!.
>> 2 Seconds and you will blaze unlimited on your MTN SIM for FREE.

200 OK MTN Free Browsing HTTP Injector EHI


1. Download Pdanet+ for Android and PC to Utilize it on PC


>> There are various ways to use Pdanet.
  • USB Tether - All devices
  • WIFI Hotspot - Selected devices
>> I use USB Tether on my Phone. How it works is that you will connect a USB from your Phone to PC and then use HTTP Injector Internet access on your PC.

>> WIFI allows you to connect directly without USB. i.e Hotspot Mode.

This is how you can browse, stream, and download unlimited on your MTN Nigeria N0.00k SIM Card for Free.

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If there are any updates on this, I will post it here. More Free Internet tricks coming. Enjoy!


  1. Really is dis unlimited or its d 1gig own,

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  4. Hi UcheTechs,
    You guys are ding a good job. I have one suggestion though. Try posting the new settings before the expiration date to enable us download it before it expires as there is no way one can download the new settings without internet. I had to go beg someone to share his data just for me to download the new settings on your Telegram page. If it is a 4 day settings then post it on the 3rd day to enable us download before the settings expires and our internet goes and therefore we cant then download it except we sub on another sim. Thanks

  5. Nice Cheat and it is been working for me for days now since the day it was released. It has saved my almost finished data sub.

    The only issue I have with it is that the browsing connectivity hasn't been stable today unlike before.

    The http injector stays connected but browsing connectivity will just be flunctating. I'll start and stop it, off and on my data, even toggle airplane mode, but it's been same.

    A solution to that will also be appreciated.

    But I notice the time I enjoy the browsing connectivity is mostly at midnight and I even do connect it to my laptop.

    P.S: Nice Blog You've got though😜
    I will like to learn many tech stuffs from you sha

  6. Great! Now we can go back to downloading! 👍🙌

  7. Great cheat,working perfect. Uchetechs u are the best.

  8. Thanks y'all. It's working fine

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