Download GBWhatsapp v6.65 Apk Android App For November

Gbwhatsapp v6.65 official Apk can be downloaded for Android devices, the updates came recently and there are new features added. One cool feature of GbWhatsapp 6.65 is the ability to download any user sticker or emoticons and use while you chat.
GBWhatsapp v6.65 Apk

This new GBWhatsapp v6.55 Apk feature is similar to Telegram's sticker download feature. Now if you like any sticker or emoticons, you can download them with just a button and then use them on any conversation.

If you are new to GBWhatsapp, here is a quick review.  Gbwhatsapp is a modded Whatsapp application by a Fan and it comes with better features than the original Whatsapp. You can create your own theme and send to the modder and you can use pre-installed and new themes on your whatsapp. I have also noticed Gbwhatsapp updates their app before WhatsApp does, that's a bit weird for a big company like that.

Anyway, below are some features of the latest Official GBWhatsappp v6.65 and review for Android phones.

GBWhatsapp v6.65 New Features

1. Updating the Marker version 2.18.327

2. Activating the stickers feature You can now download the emoticons and use them in chats

3. (Exclusively) Add a hint if someone has done a @Manchen @ you or reply to your messages in the group

4. (Exclusive) will not appear redirected at the party The other is if you forward a message to a message

5. Turn off call reception has been developed so that you can stop it without showing the other party that your phone is ringing and appears to be connected.

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6.  (Exclusive) Option 1.2.2 You can easily copy part of any message

7. Now pass the message from left to right to answer it

8. Activate the save feature where reading where about D Open a previous conversation where you stopped when a certain word will appear directly when you enter the conversation again

9. Activate the conference call feature

10. Activate the picture feature inside the picture

11. Add option 6.8 to set the duration for notification after pressing deleted messages

12. Support for changing the label section feature

13. Remove the minimum redirection for India users

14. Fix the problem of showing hidden conversations through the call screen

15.  Fix the problem of the option 6.15 square image

16. Fix the search problem about themes

17. other fixes

These are nice features that must be tried, below is the download links and requirements.

GBWhatsapp Install Requirements

Before downloading GBWhatsapp v6.65 Apk, you need to know your phone hardware because you are downloading it depending on your phone hardware.

More than one (1) GBWhatsapp v6.65 download links have been provided in the link below and they are for different phone hardware, if you download the wrong one, you will get "App not Installed". The only fix for that is to download the right version for your phone.

To do that, download droid Hardware Info Apk for android which allows you to view your phone's hardware information and with that, you can know which version to download.

Download GBWhatsapp Apk v6.65 Android

- Download GBWhatsapp v6.65 APK (Based on Hardware)

My Android hardware on Droid apk displays (arm64-v8a), so on Gbwhatsapp 6.65 Android download, I Download with the 3rd link which is (arm64-v8a) and it installs successfully.

I hope you enjoyed this post, continue visiting for more quality contents like this and have a nice day.


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