SCPH7502.BIN Free PSX BIOS Download Android

In this post, we have provided the free download of SCPH7502.BIN PSX Bios File for Android. This PS1 BIOS File will help your PlayStation emulator function well and you will be able to enjoy PlayStation Games on your Android device.
SCPH7502.BIN BIOS Files Download

SCPH7502.BIN DOWNLOAD | BIOS Files - The Start

Before scph7502.bin download, To get the PlayStation 1 working, you need three components - they are - PlayStation BIOS file, the emulator and a working Android device.

The emulator is the most important, without it, you can't play any game, it is the kick start of the gaming process. While the BIOS serves as the functionality of the emulator, the BIOS file loads first and this makes the emulator functional, without the right BIOS File, the emulator will have issues and it cannot be loaded in the device. And without a good BIOS, the ROM will not work properly, so you need to choose the right set of Playstation BIOS File, that is what i provided in this post.

BIOS Importance - The Emulation 

To show how vital it is to have a working BIOS File, do you know the PlayStation emulation process will not start even if your ROM is perfectly alright, this can make it hard for you to detect what causes the PlayStation emulator not to start - the BIOS is the problem here. A compatible BIOS will provide you with a superb gaming experience

Working PS1 BIOS - But Incompactible

Without a compatible BIOS, you will also face the same error as if you don't have a working BIOS files. There are several files online to pic from but PlayStation selects BIOS files based on region e.g American BIOS, European BIOS files and so on. So without a compatible BIOS file, your Emulator will refuse to start. The best are scph1001.bin and scph7502.bin - based on popularity, no other release nor PSX BIOS surpasses them.
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SCPH7502.BIN BIOS - The SetUp

Now, let's head to the configuration of the PlayStation Bios file. As stated above, the best are Scph1001.bin or Scph7502.bin, so you can choose the best to download. But how will make the device to function fully? Easy, use the PSX BIOS files which is a simple copyrighted file from Sony. It is just 512kb in size and it is just the BIOS scph7502.bin file. This is the most recommended BIOS file because it is reliable and supported by many Playstations. The Download link has been provided below.

SCPH7502.BIN Download (PSX BIOS Files)

- Download Scph7502.bin (512kb)

Using PSX BIOS - The Best Way


After downloading SCPH7502.BIN BIOS PSX file above, do the following
  1. Extract the File using zarchiver
  2. Choose destination to save file
  3. Click on "Run BIOS"
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All Set - The Endgame

The whole process has come to an end, it is time to enjoy your fully functional PlayStation Emulator with cool games! There are several ways to get interesting games, some prefer buying CDs, some download online and input on their memory cards, while some buy from popular stores like Amazon and eBay).

If you will like to test your Playstation Emulator, there are tones of demo version games to download like Spyro The Dragon (31MB). Download them online, compress and enjoy! This is how to download, and setup SCPH7502.BIN BIOS FILES on your PlayStation emulator.


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