Telegram New Update Comes with Silent Message, Admin Titles and Slow Mode

Ok, these were the new update Telegram App came with - Silent Message, Admin Titles, Timestamps, and Slow Mode. These updates have their advantages and also disadvantages which I'll review, but the advantage of having a feature like Silent Message which now works on Telegram Groups are priceless.

Telegram is a messaging application which allows users to chat with family and friends, it also comes with a more secure connection than any other social media and the features are unlimited, the apps grow daily. UcheTechs is on Telegram and that's where we share some free browsing tips which might not be posted on this blog. Back to the Topic, let's reviews these New Telegram features which are Silent Message, Admin Titles, Animated Emoji, Timestamps, and Slow Mode.

Silent Message

Telegram's Silent message feature allows admins to send messages in the group without sending a notification sound (just like the group's pinning option). This mode prevents disturbance if there are so many messages in a group which makes continues sounds, also, this can be activated easily.
  1. Open a Telegram Group.
  2. Type a message.
  3. Hold the Send icon.
  4. Click "Send without Sound".
This also works on personal conversations, and for members of a group (not only admins).
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Disadvantage: Urgent messages might be replied late when this feature has been chosen.

Admin Titles

Admin Titles

This is something groups will enjoy the most, admins can now get custom titles instead of the default "Admin" title which is stated at the right-hand side after their names. So if you have a strict admin, or a funny one, you can change their titles to any of these. Me I have an admin name I'll love to change which normally comes online one's in a month - comment on this post if you see this comment :)
  1. Open your Telegram Group.
  2. Click on the Edit Option.
  3. Click Administrators.
  4. Now edit the admin right you which to change.
Only admins can earn these titles and not members, it would have been cool if members could get this too.

Disadvantage: At first members might find it difficult to know the admin which title has been changed is still an admin, but with time, they'll understand. I guess if you read this post you wouldn't be confused when you start seeing these new feature implemented on groups.

Slow Mode

Slow Mode

This is a new feature which can only be used by admins and in only groups (not channels). We were all expecting this feature because Telegram accommodates over 200K members and it's certain the number of messages will be much compared to a group which can only accommodate 257 members.

So this Slow Mode feature allows the admin to set a timer in which a user should wait before sending a second message after sending the first. As quoted from Telegram -- "When an admin enables Slow Mode in a group, you will only be able to send one message per the interval they choose".
  1. Open your Telegram Group.
  2. Click on the Edit Option.
  3. Click Permissions.
  4. Under "Slow Mode", select an interval.
This new feature makes messages orderly in groups which increases the value of each individual message. It also reduces spam.
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Disadvantage: Users might get annoyed with this when they realize they have to wait for some seconds to send a message because sometimes they'll have an urgent message to send.

This feature is only beneficial for big Groups.

Animated Emoji

This is very easy to use since there are no settings to be enabled. This Animated Emoji feature allows you to send emoji which animates when you send a single emoji such as ❤️, 👍, 😒, 😳. Try it and see for yourself.

It can easily be disabled if you don't like it, head to you sticker settings.

Timestamps and Improved Scrubbing

Videos now display thumbnail previews as your scrub through, to help you find the moment you were looking for.

If you add a timestamp like 0:45 to a video caption, it will be automatically highlighted as a link. Tapping on a timestamp will play the video from the right spot. This also works if you mention a timestamp when replying to a video.
  1. Send a Video to your Saved Message or a friend.
  2. Caption it with a Timestamp e.g 0:15.
  3. The thumbnail previews begin from that time.
  4. You can also Timestamp by just replying/tagging to the video.

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